Take your Panasonic phone system to the next level with KX-HOTEL

Connect your Panasonic phone system to your PMS. Communication administration and centralization, call invoicing, and operations management are a snap!

PMS interface

Kx-Hotel Centralizes all of a hotel’s communications.

KX-HOTEL BRIDGE is the best solution to integrate the Panasonic business phone systems in hotels. It give you the ability to connect almost all PMS (property management software) including Micros Fidelio, Opera, Hotello and hunbreds of others to the Panasonic phone system, for check-in, check-out, name changes, cleaning codes and all requested features from the hoteliers. You have also the option to manage call accounting and invoicing.

Mingus Software is a Silver Partner with Panasonic Japan.

*Compatible with the following Panasonic systems: KX-TDE100, KX-TDE200, KX-TDE600, KX-TDA100, KX-TDA200, KX-TDA600, KX-NCP1000, KX-NCP500, NS1000, NS700, NS500 and all the most recent systems.


  • That just bought a Panasonic system
  • That want to control their Panasonic system from their PMS
  • That are looking for a Panasonic system for their hotel


General :

  • Turnkey system, including IT equipment
  • Integrates with most hotel software (PMS) via a standard interface
  • IP connection to the phone system
  • Support and modification by our remote team

PMS Integration

  • Compatible with PMSs via a standard Nortel Meridian or a Mitel protocols via a serial port or IP connection to the PMS
  • Cleaning codes controlled directly from rooms to the PMS
  • Check-ins and check-outs with guest’s name programmed on the phone
  • Modify call restrictions when a guest checks in by guest guarantee type and close the phone when the guest checks out
  • Program the wakeup time through the PMS

Kx-Hotel boosts the technical
performance of your phone
system to meet your
guests’ needs.

billing for calls

Kx-Hotel simplifies billing for calls.

STAT call invoicing software is specifically designed to manage in-house calls and create multiple management reports. It controls costs, maximizes profits, and simplifies communication tool management by enabling businesses to measure phone usage accurately. Reports can be printed in chart or text form, saved to a disk, sent to other programs, or emailed.

It is installed, configured, and delivered with initial training and technical assistance. The KX Hotel turnkey solution includes phone, room, and rate schedule configuration as well as training for your team.

For Hotels

  • That want to charge for in-room calls
  • With or without a connection to their PMS

Functionalities – Billing for calls

  • Windows-based application
  • Packed with hotel functions
  • Connects to Panasonic systems via TCP/IP or serial port
  • Supports more than 5,000 rooms
  • 911 call notification
  • Real-time call processing program
  • Complete interaction with the hospitality voice server (HVS)
  • Property management system (PMS) interface program
  • Call collection program with history
  • Grace period support
  • Per-minute pricing for local calls
  • Graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Minimum and maximum profit on each charged call
  • Option to deny local calls for select rooms
  • “Pickup detection” option
  • Supports multiple phones per room for faxes and modems
  • Mode for printing invoices immediately after calls
  • Mode for printing invoices upon guest check-out
  • Mode for sending call charges to the hotel software
  • Full support for various long-distance services with per-minute, partial minute (every second or every six seconds), and per-call pricing

Kx-Hotel, improves the technological performance of Panasonic telephone systems.