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Yield Management

Maximize your sales and occupancy rate according to demand, market, history and hotel capacity.

Yield Manager helps you manage rates and make decisions. In a single chart, you can set rules for advanced reservation and rate management based on demand and availability to maximize sales profits.

  • Trend graphics
  • Data filtering by room or rate

Marketing Statistics

This module produces statistics according to multiple criteria. Segment and analyze the segmentation of the hotel’s operating results within Hotello pms software.

Use the criteria set to produce contact lists for promotions and marketing activities.

Export results for other uses (e.g., mass mailings) (Optional)

Gift card and gift certificate manager

Expand your services with gift cards and gift certificates.

  • Print customized gift certificates
  • Track every step of the cycle, from issue to redemption
  • Easily distinguish between certificates you sell and those issued for promotion or donation purposes.

Gift cards (via fanbox or Vantiv-Mercury, Desjardins)


A comprehensive tool that allows you to customize, configure and manage multiple packages at your convenience or the convenience of your guests.

This module allows you to set different rates for each guest on a single reservation for each day of occupancy.

Assign different packages to different guests in one reservation. You can also add participants to a particular package even if the person is not staying in the same room or at the hotel.

Group and allotment manager

A system of functionalities specially designed for group reservations and allotments.

Put a block of rooms on hold and indicate a date and time when it will be made available again to update the inventory of rooms not used. By using “tentative groups,” agencies, wholesalers, and even your sales department can make conditional reservations regardless of actual availability.

Here are just some of the functionalities:

  • Automatic generation of pro forma contracts and any other types of confirmation letters
  • Option of including rooms, halls, packages, and one-time fees with a group reservation
  • Group status management: tentative/released/cancelled/final
  • Management of intermediary prices
  • Centralized invoicing for all agency reservations
  • Simplified allotment management with last-minute change options
  • Compatibility with Web modules such as ReservIT, Expedia, LuxuryRes, and TravelClick

Online booking engine

Give your guests the option of booking rooms at their convenience with the iHotello online reservation interface.

This interface provides guests with greater freedom and more options in a market where online reservations are the norm. An easy way for guests to book rooms without going through a reservation agent!

  • Inventories managed and updated in real time
  • 256 bit secure site in multiple languages
  • Customizable interface to match your branding
  • Easy navigation
  • Option of restricting room selection for online reservations (based on availability and your criteria)
  • Photos and customized descriptions of your room types
  • Cancellation policy conditions
  • Reservations guaranteed by credit card
  • Option of setting special rates for online bookings

*Available for group management and corporate accounts

improve your
hotel management.

Venue and event manager

Manage your venue rental operations. This module covers every aspect of a conference room or event hall reservations. Verify venue availability, book halls, plan work, and arrange for equipment rent, delivery, and installation. Get a complete picture of your hotel’s activities with our interface of graphic reports and charts.

  • Centralize booking
  • Interact with the group module
  • Manage hall linkage
  • Manage setup, catering, coffee, and other services
  • Produce periodic event reports
  • Featured meeting room availability chart

Management of condotel owner commissions

Easily calculate commissions for condotels and co-owned properties.

  • Calculate commissions automatically according to the income distribution system
  • Distribute by units or surface area owned
  • Web-based application for co-owners
  • Co-owners have access to a Web-based application providing real-time information on the availability of their units

Member and loyalty program manager

Offer guest loyalty programs without adding extra weight to your workload

  • Configure up to 10 member categories (e.g., Platinum, Gold, VIP, among others)
  • Offer free nights at your selected hotels
  • Offer redeemable award points
  • Offer special rates and bonuses for specific member categories

Set reservation rules

Maximize your hotel’s revenue with automated reservation rules. Simplify the booking process for your employees and eliminate errors and omissions.
Establish your reservation rules:

  • Require a minimum number of nights for a given room type or period
  • Establish and set guarantees for guests
  • Make particular fields mandatory on your hotel’s reservation form
  • Establish a period-specific cancellation policy for reservations

Foreign currency

Better serve your guests by accepting payment in their selected currency. This module lets you configure and use four different currencies, including your country’s.

  • Configure foreign exchange rates
  • Calculate and set the exchange rate at the time of payment
  • Display the equivalent amounts in your official currency at all times

Waiting list

Maximize your hotel’s occupancy rate with the Waiting List manager. You’ll never miss another reservation again!

When a room becomes available, this module allows you to assign it to the guest at the top of your waiting list.

A must-have tool for enhanced profitability!

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