Improve your hotel’s maintenance operations with EQUIP

Get an efficient solution complete with a task manager that makes it easier to operate and run your hotel.

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Task Manager

Equip is an amazing tool that automatically generates recurring tasks for hotel managers. It uses templates to create tasks based on their frequency and the desired cycle (replacing flowers in the lobby, cleaning surfaces, etc.).

Using filters and groups, you can easily assign your staff tasks based on their current workload.

Equip makes your life easier by simplifying task allocation. In just a few clicks, you can view an employee’s workload and decide what team or employee to assign a new task to.

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Management for Housekeeper

Equip provides critical information like how long it takes to complete a task, details about damage to an item, and an array of other information you can preset to help you quickly create preventive actions and make management decisions.

Here are some examples of preventive actions: you want to create a task for an inspection, maintenance on an appliance, pool salt level adjustment, etc. You can tweak the cycle of these preventive actions at any time using the recurring task manager.


Guest service actions are usually responses to guest requests for items that do not come from any particular location. You can also use guest service actions for banquet hall preparation, table and chair setup and teardown, etc.

For example, a guest contacts you, asking for more towels, a hair dryer, or an iron. From the same interface, you create a guest request, noting what the guest needs, and assign it to the right department. The team in charge of the task is immediately notified via the mobile app, email, text, or fax. When the action is complete, the mobile app notifies you that the service has been provided and gives you the statistics you need to evaluate service quality (response time, etc.).

Today there are countless websites like TripAdvisor that provide information on hotel service. Make sure you get a good rating, because guest service can have a major impact on your hotel’s reputation!

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Your team is specialized. As a result, you need to distribute tasks according to the areas of expertise of your team members. Equip makes it possible for you to define each employee’s skill set and experience to assist in task distribution. Save time by contacting the expert you need directly!

Every day, members of your staff or customers report unexpected events. These problems, which represent 95% of a hotel’s maintenance operations, must be resolved quickly with corrective action tasks being assigned to one or more departments.

Create a new task (a corrective action) to set up a request in just a few seconds. All you need to do is provide details, including the department, the location, the item, the sub-item, the problem, the hotel staff member or supplier to which the task will be assigned and the priority level.

Lost and found manager

Improve your guest service by delegating the cumbersome task of lost and found management to our trusty module. It will help you manage guest claims and document items your staff finds.

In just a few clicks, you get all the information you need: item status, date it was found and/or returned to its owner, how long you had it, and any other tracking information available.

  • Increase the percentage of items returned to their owners
  • Manage item entry, storage, and return in real time
  • Configure hold and storage time
  • Information about the storage location
  • Numbered printable files on lost and found items
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Notification Manager

Optimize your monitoring capabilities with a notification management system that alerts you in real time as tasks are completed.

Equip has an automated notification management system that notifies relevant staff of activity statuses. For example, a notification is sent whenever a task is not completed on time, regardless of task type (corrective task, guest service, etc.). Whenever an action is not completed on time, Equip sends a notification via email, text, or other selected method.