Your hotel PMS drives guest satisfaction

For a long time, customer service started when guests walked through the door. With the coming of the internet, this approach fell by the wayside. Today, customer service begins the moment a potential guest performs an online search for your hotel or even for the city where you’re located.

At this point, your hotel PMS (property management system) comes into play to ensure your customer service is as efficient, consistent and fast as it needs to be. A hotel PMS is an integral part of guest satisfaction. A hotel PMS serves as the heart of your hotel’s systems and helps you coordinate many departments at the same time. Also, a hotel PMS plays a role in each interaction with your guest.

Still not sold on the power of the hotel PMS? In this blog article, we outline all the moments where your hotel PMS can help you offer guests the best experience possible.

Hotel PMS Guest satisfaction

Guest satisfaction starts with booking through your connected hotel PMS.

Everyone knows that booking can be a hellish experience for potential guests because of non-competitive offers, slow systems, form errors, payment problems and so forth. Whether it’s online or by phone, the booking process needs to be efficient.

A hotel PMS can help you with phone and online bookings. Online booking will be easier if your prices are clearly listed and you offer real-time availability. With centralized data and yield management, a hotel PMS can manage and automate this process so that you don’t need to manually adjust your bookings, which makes your life easier and your guests’ too.

And, speaking of keeping this easy, don’t forget that a hotel PMS lets you maintain a simple and efficient process. Doing so is important because, for your guests, time is of the essence. Forget about availability requests and websites like or Expedia (or any other OTA for that matter) that could offer a competitive price. Your hotel PMS makes sure you offer guests the best price directly on your website.

Your hotel PMS is just as useful for phone bookings. With a tool on hand that knows your prices and your availability, you can complete a reservation in seconds. With all the information about packages at your fingertips, booking is quick and easy and the guest experience takes flight. With the first step completed, all you have left to do is impress guests when they arrive. Your tasks are made easy with a hotel PMS!

Guest check-in: a key guest satisfaction moment

Once the booking is made online or by phone, remember that guests’ expectations will begin as soon as they cross the threshold, especially if the process has gone well so far. The hotel PMS is there to optimize your check-in process to help you impress guests and exceed their expectations as soon as they arrive.

By choosing a system that links all your hotel’s departments, you’ll find bookings and payment receipts more efficiently, and you’ll even be able to see if your guest’s room is ready or waiting for verification in real time. At the same time, you can welcome your guest and give them their key. You’ll avoid confusion, long waiting lines, slow systems and inconsistent processes.

Even if your hotel is full, guests will feel you’re focused only on serving them, which is the key to guest satisfaction.

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A simple tool. An essential skill

Since you work in the hospitality field and have likely travelled a fair bit, you know speed is of the essence when it comes time to get your keys or fix a problem at a hotel. Factoring in jet lag, long days spent exploring, flights and traffic, your guests are looking for efficient service and a warm welcome.

For instance, business travellers don’t have time to waste. Being quite used to hotels, they’ll instantly see if your team’s skills don’t pass muster. Hotel PMS training is a crucial element for successful customer service.

A hotel PMS is a powerful tool that links all hotel management systems and modules into a single comprehensive solution and comes with its complications. Don’t be intimidated by the system. It’s fairly simple to use when you know what to expect.

It’s important to offer your team the required training so that they can use the software without any problems and offer impeccable guest experience. In this way, you’ll make their work simpler to accomplish and also improve task execution and problem solving overall. With its user-friendly interface and advanced functions, your hotel PMS will help your team provide answers that ensure your guests’ satisfaction.

Finally, a hotel PMS is vital in every department

For your hotel PMS to work optimally and guarantee the consistent guest service you want to deliver, it must work in tandem with all your hotel’s departments from the restaurant to housekeeping.

With your housekeeping team indicating room statuses in real time in your hotel PMS, your reception team will work with up-to-date information regarding room availability to further improve the efficiency of the check-in process for your guests. The housekeeping staff can also add notes regarding lost items, thereby facilitating their management.

The reception team will be able to manage bookings that include packages better with the hotel PMS helping them coordinate various activities. On top of helping with all booking and check-in and check-out tasks, the hotel PMS can also support your teams and ensure that your guests have nothing short of an unforgettable stay.

For its part, the restaurant team can more easily predict the expected number of patrons for breakfast or dinner. This kind of details can help ensure you provide excellent service throughout the guest experience.

Finally, hotel management staff can make the most of a hotel PMS to evaluate the overall performance of their hotel. With only a few clicks, they can access activity reports, occupancy rate, REVPAC, REVPAR and much more. These analytical tools compile information from multiple data sources updated daily in your hotel PMS and will help management staff implement strategies and plan for the future in a more informed way.

To conclude, this technology makes customer service as efficient and straightforward as possible. With a hotel PMS in your establishment, you can leverage the power of automation and set up consistent processes between your hotel’s various departments. Your work will be that much easier, and you’ll offer guests an unforgettable experience. To learn more about using a hotel PMS to ensure guest satisfaction, contact our experts today!

Hotel PMS guest satisfaction