Use your hotel management system to communicate with your guests

Everyone agrees that attentive customer service by hotel staff – from the reception desk to the housekeeping team to the restaurant – is the basis for an unforgettable hotel guest experience. And, you know as well as we do, guest satisfaction is vital for your revenues.

You can now extend the attention you give your guests beyond the walls of your hotel and reach out to them directly at home. With hotel management system that enables you to automate emailing and reservation management, it’s quite easy to make a difference when your guests book a room at your hotel.

Since guest satisfaction goes hand in hand with success, we would like to present four ways in which communication with a hotel management system can make upgrading, upselling and, finally, setting up a perfect stay easier.

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Automation is an essential complement to your hotel management system

Before touching on the different types of communication that can help you stay in contact with your guests outside the walls of your hotel, consider that automation is your best ally in this area.

Automation is available with your hotel management system and can help you send emails to guests based on specific criteria such as time or type of stay to answer their needs and keep them updated about their booking details.

Three types of automated email are commonly issued using a hotel management system:

1. Booking confirmation

This email is used to remind a guest of the details of their booking, including all the options they’ve chosen.

2. Stay reminder

In this case, the email serves a double function. Besides providing information about the guest’s stay, this message can also include promotions, packages, upgrade options and other upsell options to enhance their stay.

3. Post-stay thank-you email

This email allows you to thank the guest for staying at your hotel, but it can also include a satisfaction survey and even a retention tool.

To better understand how these emails can help you offer your guests the best stay possible and increase your revenue with upselling, below I will tackle each type of email in detail.

Without touching a single button, confirm the guest’s booking with your hotel management system

Yes, it’s that simple! With your hotel management system, the first email can be sent automatically each time a guest fills out a booking form on your website. The email will include all the booking information: stay dates and number of nights, number of people, room type, package type (if there is one), price and total amount for the stay. Besides sending the guest an email that includes all the important information related to their stay, your message reassures your client and shows that you have received their booking. Is this useful? Absolutely! This type of email will reduce the number of phone calls you get about basic things and helps free up your reception team.

Finally, this email serves as a reference for the guest. Make sure to include complete and relevant information regarding parking, check-in and check-out times and the availability times of your hotel’s various services. Your guests will greatly appreciate having this information in hand.

Remind your guests that their stay is upcoming

A few days before guests arrive, your hotel management system will automatically send them a reminder email. Besides offering an overview of the relevant information for their stay, this message can also include promotions for other services. With their stay approaching, guests shift into planning mode, a mode they weren’t in when they booked their room. By this point, they often know their schedule and are looking to enhance their experience. The time is ripe to offer them a package, a dinner special at your restaurant, spa treatments or even complementary activities. You can then add a button to your email that allows them to make a dinner reservation or an appointment in the spa easily and efficiently. By offering additional sales in advance, you let your guests choose the perfect moment for their activities and allow them to plan their stay according to their schedule while avoiding the frustration of discovering the restaurant is fully booked.

Besides offers for different services, this email can offer guests various upgrade options depending on room availability with just one click of a button. In this way, you can boost your profits by selling a premium room, while letting your hotel management system coordinate everything. These buttons can also link to simple promotions, such as a bottle of wine delivered to the room. Make the most of this opportunity to shine a spotlight on the personalized touches and service on which your reputation is built and which set you apart from the competition. Sending a reminder email is an excellent way of selling the unique experience your hotel offers.

Finally, you must keep in mind that this email is more than a simple reminder. It allows you to increase your REVPAC (revenue per available customer), which means you can generate more revenue per customer through offers and promotions.

Last but not least, thank and assess

It’s essential to follow up with your guests after their stay. And yet, this step is often neglected. If your hotel management system makes it possible to send an email automatically after your guest has left your hotel, don’t hesitate to use this function! This message lets you thank guests for putting their trust in you and choosing your hotel. As such, it is a valuable tool. At the same time, you can invite guests to fill out a satisfaction survey. Don’t know what to include in the satisfaction survey? Check out this blog article for more information!

Now you have all the information you need to make sure your guests have a great time when they stay with you. And should they have a bad experience, the survey will give you the tools to defuse the situation before getting a bad review on social media or a travel website. The ultimate purpose of such an email is guest retention. If you include a promo code guests can use on their next stay or have a loyalty program, your appreciation email will generate more repeat stays and ensure guest loyalty.

With this series of emails, you’re striving to extend customer service beyond the walls of your hotel. A hotel management system can help you leverage technology and automation to ensure your guests experience a complete and unique stay. Automated emails can help you guarantee guest satisfaction and boost revenues. As you are well aware, nothing will ever replace a warm welcome and staff members that care about your guests’ happiness. After all, being a good host starts with communication.

hotel management system PMS