The best PMS is on the Cloud

Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz about cloud-based hotel management software, which isn’t surprising when you consider the many benefits of an entirely web-accessible PMS (property management software). Some of these benefits include its simplicity, savings and security.

Simplicity with the Cloud

First of all with cloud-based hotel software, IT and network infrastructures no longer need to be managed, which really makes a hotelier’s life easier. The supplier becomes responsible for hardware, storage, networks and software maintenance. So, the client can concentrate on managing their establishment, while enjoying peace of mind regarding their PMS. Moreover, daily tasks are simplified as hoteliers can access management software from any Internet-connected device.

Cloud-based hotel management software also makes it possible for the supplier to perform updates faster and more easily. The hotel doesn’t need a link between its IT provider to its hotel management software supplier. Because the latter is responsible for the software’s infrastructure, it can automatically perform updates.


Over the long term, opting for a cloud-based service greatly reduces PMS costs. First, the hotelier doesn’t need to invest in infrastructure or network hardware. Finally, the supplier charges no additional fees to increase storage space or to maintain or upgrade software.

Choosing to switch to a Cloud solution is a good idea when a hotelier’s hardware is obsolete or when the physical space available to house a server is limited.

There are also cost-saving benefits when a business is launched. By choosing the Cloud, a hotelier can avoid high infrastructure start-up costs. With Cloud PMS, operations can get up and running faster than when server-based software is used.


Even though it might seem at times as if the Internet isn’t a safe environment to store data, the opposite is true. When it comes to Cloud PMS, not only is the provider responsible for security, its web security features are much better than those of hoteliers. Moreover, the provider backs up data at regular intervals, which means that, in the event an incident occurs, it can perform a backup and restore its client’s data.

Thanks to these backups, any hotel establishment that suffers damage need not worry about rebooting its activities. The hotel can resume its operations faster and recover all the data stored up to the moment the damage occurred.