3 tips to create a strong brand for your hotel

As a hotel manager, you must be aware that your reputation plays an important role in deciding how many people choose to stay at your hotel. Your reputation should live up to the service standards you offer. This will be key in order to leave a positive impression on your clients.

During your client’s process of choosing a hotel, they must have a positive feeling or a pleasant a priori when they come across your name. They must be able to picture their stay with you and thus immediately want to book. This positive a priori also means they do not need to conduct more research on your hotel, as your reputation is already sufficient.

In order to create a strong brand and build an advantageous reputation, you can play with your hotel’s story in order to convey an image which corresponds to your unique identity. You can also make the most of social media’s visibility to build a favorable reputation.

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Rely on your hotel’s unique story

In order to build a strong link with your clientele, share your story with them. People enjoy these types of stories and this allows you to connect with them personally.

On your website, dedicate a page outlining your story, your values and your ambitions. Clients like to know what drives you, what motivates you to offer your services and experiences. Share with them why your hotel was created, when it was established and how it evolved over time. If you know quirky facts about how your hotel was built, its location or any other aspects you can think of, this is the time to share them and make your website’s visitors smile.

It can also be of interest to write a few lines about the people who established your hotel, mention those who took part in important projects, or feature famous celebrities who have stayed with you.

Does the area where your hotel is located have a unique history? Take the opportunity to discuss it and explain why your hotel is part of this historic landscape.

In addition to sharing these facts on your website, you can create small “Did you know” leaflets that you can put on display at your front desk or on the nightstands in your rooms. This way your clients can learn about the story your hotel wishes to communicate and they may want to share it with their friends and family, who will then hear about your hotel.

All these elements are part of your story and it is useful to bring them into light in order to build an outstanding and unique reputation.

Reflect an image that corresponds to what you offer

The image you reflect outside your hotel is as important as the services your offer. Your image must therefore correspond to the type of accommodation you offer and carry your hotel’s spirit.

If your hotel is known for its natural environment and outdoor recreations, your communications should have an energetic visual which reminds of your clients of nature and a vocabulary rich with outdoor activities. On the other hand, if your hotel is a temple for relaxation, massages, spa and yoga, your image should reflect well-being, peace and quiet.

It is crucial to use these tricks because if your external image does not reflect your hotel’s ambiance and identity, your clients could be disappointed.

Make the most of social media’s visibility

Social media are a key ally when it comes to strengthening your reputation. Use them to communicate any news concerning your hotel, share articles or interesting facts about your field and, most importantly, highlight your clients’ pictures and comments. When your clients share their experience on your social media, they give you credibility and liven up your pages. These publications reassure clients who are inquiring about your hotel and give an idea of the type of stay they can expect upon booking with you.

When a potential client is looking for a hotel, they will most likely read the comments left by your previous guests. This is why it is particularly important to share your clients’ comments and impressions on your social media. This way, if a client has an issue they would like to raise, your future clients will see how responsive and caring you are and how you take remedial actions to offer the best possible experience.

You should seriously consider choosing a PMS connected to online booking platforms which can immediately display your room availabilities on social media. You can then take advantage of the potential clients browsing your social media to convert them into guests, if the comments they read satisfy them. Offering an improved customer experience helps to facilitate the booking process.

Take care of your e-reputation (online reputation)

If you wish to strengthen your brand, it is important that you take care of your e-reputation. This reputation directly influences your income as it plays a key role for the people booking a room online. Comparisons across different hotels consist of much more than just rates. Internet users review comments and your overall grade could be increased or decreased depending on if your competitors have a better overall appreciation across various online booking platforms. This is why you should keep an eye on the quality of your services in order for your e-reputation to be positive and advantageous.

With these tricks you should be able to build a strong brand which will make your hotel thrive!

hotel marketing management brand