5 reasons to choose a PMS with advanced features

When looking for a work tool, sometimes we wonder whether we really need it or not and whether we will get good use from it. It can seem important to us to sort out which ones we can get rid of while we could also find ways of modifying how we operate in order to welcome new work tools. These tools can help us save time, while others add even more time.

PMS advanced features hotel management

We tend to desire a high-performance hotel management software with simple features. However, many PMS also offer advanced features which allow managers to run their hotel more efficiently.

1 – Advanced features allow you to be efficient at all times

Managing a hotel comes with many new challenges. When equipped with a PMS which will help you overcome these challenges, you will have a new perspective on your everyday life. Advanced features such as automatic room allocation help you save time on a daily basis while maximizing your occupancy so that every room is used efficiently and every client can enjoy the room they want at any given time.
Not every PMS is equipped with these advanced features. It is thus important to look particularly for these PMS with useful features when you are running a large hotel.
The most advanced PMS usually offers customized reports or automatic report shipment for a given frequency. If you want to look up particular data at regular intervals, you do not need to browse through the whole report as your PMS can simply send it to you. This may seem like only a small time gain, but in the long run this time saved by your PMS can really add up.
Advanced features such as yield management will also allow you to stay competitive at all times. Being able to rapidly adjust your rates gives you the opportunity to have the most competitive and attractive rates for you clients in order to maximize your revenue.

2 – Advanced features allow you to automate your tasks

The number of daily tasks in a hotel is significant. The creators of the most advanced PMS thought about it and successfully automated a number of small tasks.
Let us take for example the automatic sending of reminder and thank-you emails. You do not even have to think about this simple automated task anymore, and had you done it manually, you might have completely forgotten it. Another example is the online bookings which automatically enter your PMS through the interface. You do not need to manually write down every online booking as all your client’s information is already in your PMS. In addition, the interface will automatically update your room inventory online.
Some advanced features resemble advanced technology. The self check-in and check-out kiosks are an excellent example. Clients can pay their bills directly at these kiosks as they are linked to the PMS. Automating tasks like these will allow you to save some precious time and will make some of your hotel self-managed.

3 – Advanced features allow you to deliver better service

When many of your tasks are automated or more easily performed, you will obviously have more time to take care of your clients’ well-being and meet their demands.
Advanced features within your PMS can help you personalized your clients’ stay with its good contacts management and data compilation. You will thus have a significant amount of data concerning your clients available to you such as the number of days spent at your hotel, the amount of money spent, allergies, etc. This data will allow you to offer excellent customer service, without having to ask your clients for all of their information multiple times. The advanced features can help you customize your clients’ stay on various aspects, such as a personalized welcome message in their room through their entertainment center, or a special attention if they are celebrating a birthday or wedding anniversary. This data, collected over time, is crucial to strengthen your customer relationships. You need a tool capable of storing all this data but also retrieving it when necessary.

4 – Advanced features allow you to grow

When it comes the time to pick a PMS, we usually assess your hotel’s current needs. It can however be useful to be able to forecast what your hotel can become in the future years. Will you have the same number of rooms? Will you offer the same services? Will you have the same competition? All of these questions are important when choosing a PMS. Your current needs are probably of smaller-scale than your future needs. Therefore it is likely that if you pick a PMS according to your current needs, you will need to update or change it in a few years. However if you take the time to think about your hotel’s future and growth, you will have a different perspective on your PMS.
If you are thinking of adding more services, like a restaurant, you will need to make sure that your PMS can connect to a POS software, so that you do not have to manually manage your room service costs.
If you have new competition, you will need to be smart when in it comes to marketing and pricing strategies. You may not currently need it, but it is important for your PMS to have a price level management system or a marketing report module which will allow you to generates contact lists and communicate with your clients.

5 – Advanced features will complement your software according to your own needs

Picking the right PMS is based on a number of different criteria, and one of them could be the possibility of entirely customizing a PMS by selecting the modules and features that you need. To do so, it is important to know if your future PMS provider can offer you this flexibility, whether it be with software specific modules or other add-ons which you can later link to your PMS. Your PMS can sadly not contain all existing specialties, so it is interesting to look at the different connectivity opportunities available. For example if you want to link a prestige management module to your PMS, it may be very easy or very difficult to do so: It depends on your provider. A PMS which allows you to integrate other software is thus a considerable advantage.

PMS advanced features hotel management