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The end-of-season assessment period is fast approaching for establishments whose operations fluctuate seasonally.

A good assessment report takes into account the following key indicators:

  1. Numerical assessment of results
  2. Comparison of this year’s results with those of previous years
  3. Positioning on social media (global rating of establishment on Expedia, Trip Advisor or others, customer comments, staff responses to these comments, etc.)
  4. Employee turnover at end of season (reason for leaving, comments, etc.)

The end-of-season assessment is necessary in understanding the overall positioning of the establishment. Most managers, however, are overloaded with daily work and lack the time to take these indicators into account. If your assessment results often come as a surprise, there are several tools that can help you measure your positioning in real time.

Tools to help you obtain a proper assessment

In Hotello:

Manager Daily – Among other things, this tool provides all the necessary monthly information, including comparisons with previous years.


Statistics by daily room rate – Enables you to see profit-generating rates.


Sales of packages – Allows you to see which packages are most popular.


Annual statistics by customized field – Enables you to see the source of reservations and can be extended to all customized fields.


Reservation periods (H MarketView) – Allows you to determine the best time to launch campaigns for the next season.


Yield – Enables you to compare occupancy and ADR percentages to those of the previous year, over a given period.


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Anaïs Berzi

Executive Director at Mingus Software