How to make the most of your property’s off-peak periods? (PART 1)

During low season or during the temporary closure of your establishment, some employees are still working to ensure a presence or to get ready for a busier period. Therefore, the question regarding the occupancy rate and profitability occurs. Is it really necessary to keep your employees working despite the fact that they are not working at their full potential? 

Here are few actions organised by department that will allow you to keep your staff busy during this low period.


Housekeeping department

First of all, one of the major action that the housekeeping department can achieve when there are a few or no guests, is to do a “deep cleaning”. This deep cleaning is a thorough cleaning, which is not usually done daily, such as the cleaning of light fixtures, frames on the walls, exposed beams and everything that could accumulate dust or dirt on the long term. It is not a daily task because of the time required or simply because of the constant flowing of guests, that makes this task more complicated.

In addition, deep cleaning is mostly done in the public areas rather than in rooms since they are cleaned thoughtfully. You can also shift the mattresses in order to opt for equal wear and allow a better durability. 

It is important not to forget the places we don’t always think of such as desks, back of computers, tablets and all the places where you usually store your daily equipments. Often far from your guests’ attention, these places require special needs, as it is your work environment air quality that is at stake. Furthermore, don’t undervalue what your customers can see. Sometimes you will have the visit of a mystery client designated to inspect places’ cleanliness.

Maintenance department

An establishment’s quiet period represents an important moment for this department. Most of the time, it is difficult to achieve some tasks when guests are present, due to the smell that the intervention brings, in particular paint work, due to the time required for the intervention such as major repair or even because of the noise caused by the use of specific tools.

Several other actions can be executed, like repairing the luggage racks or even repairing a bathroom due to technical problems.

Therefore, take advantage of the quiet time to undertake work that requires more time, in particular renovation or work related to the framework of your establishment’s structure such as the roof for example. Keep in mind that it’s important to plan these larger tasks properly so it won’t impact your customers’ experience. Before choosing your intervention time, collect all the necessary information from your hotel management software. Your PMS is your daily work tool, it will highlight every quiet periods of your property or the absence of guests. Once your projects are planned, remember to do necessary actions within your tools, as for example the closing of online sales or puting some rooms or a floor unavailable.

Make the most of your property's off-peak periods

As any hotelier, it is difficult to see your establishment empty and without customers. Yet these moments are often beneficial for performing several tasks and will also allow you to improve your future performance, especially when guests will be back and in a large number.

In addition, all the actions performed in various departments of your establishment represents a real asset for you, for your employees and for your property. Indeed, these actions will help your staff to understand the value of their contribution and work. It  will also allow you to avoid several major risks that could have impacted your occupancy rate and therefore your profitability.

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