Here are more new features and improvements available in the latest version of Hotello! Thanks to these updates, your PMS and your employees will perform even better!

Editable Hotello email

It’s now possible for a Hotello PMS user to edit emails directly before they are sent to the customer, so it’s possible to insert personalized content without having to create a new template. Moreover, Hotello PMS version 8 will send a confirmation to the email address of your choice when the customer receives the email. This feature concerns SaaS Cloud customers in particular.


In addition to making it possible to print vouchers for à la carte and package fees, Hotello PMS now lets you print a voucher directly from a folio for any type of manually inserted fee. Vouchers are much easier to print up for customers. These vouchers not only represent a proof of purchase in your establishment, they can also be used for all the services you provide, such as guided tours, restaurants, etc.

Reservit interface

The improved Reservit interface makes it possible to manage special rates listed in the Reservit manager. Thanks to this improvement, you’ll be able to work on several distinct rate plans, which makes it easier to configure and use online packages. Moreover, Hotello PMS can process group packages and extract the arrival and departure times listed in Reservit.

Yield module

Version 8 includes many additions to the Yield module. You’ll find quantities sold in the actionable information section. There’s also a new screen to view quantities sold in detail, by rate code and room type. This significant modification of the Yield Management tool now lets you adjust rates, so you can make more effective decisions about rates.