3 tips to start the year on the right foot

The holiday season madness is over, the decorations are back in their boxes and you can now catch a breath. The New Year is gradually settling in and you might already be thinking about what to offer your clients in order to start the year in style. It might be interesting to show them some valuable content such as a yearly recap, a blog analyzing the latest trends, or even a little guide on how to start the New Year in the best way possible (if your line of business accommodates such guidelines). These elements can give you some credibility and show your clientele that you are off to a strong start.

new year hotel management PMS 2019

Offer your clients a report of the past year

To show your clients that it is important for you to keep them up to date about what is happening in your business, it might be a good idea to make a short report reflecting what happened in your hotel and its surroundings during the previous year. It is always of interest to summarize your own activity. You may, in the meantime, want to thank your business partners and participating groups who helped make these events possible. It is also a good way to thank your clients for the past year, because after all, it is thanks to them that your hotel is up and running and that events can take place. Don’t forget to add all of the upcoming events to your PMS System’s calendar. These reminders will allow you to fluctuate your rates according to the upcoming events and send information to your clientele, giving them a reason to stay with you again.

Another idea to consider is to make a recap of your hotel’s achievements, when appropriate. If you hotel was nominated for a certain award, or won one, it can be beneficial for you to highlight these achievements which distinguish you from your competitors. You could also mention the ideas you stand for, the achievements you took part in or helped accomplish.

A yearly recap could also highlight some of your most excellent staff members, perhaps for their seniority or their remarkable service during the year.

You can also thank the clients who took the time to write positive reviews on various social media . You can also add these comments to the ‘Reviews’ section of your website or even communicate them directly to your clients. You can also highlight the overall progress of your client’s satisfaction across your various social media platforms. 

Start a blog analyzing the latest trends

In order to stimulate your potential clients’ interest, and to maintain the interest of existing clients, a blog post about the latest trends in your line of business can be very interesting.

The hotel industry is constantly evolving and new trends emerge over time. It is therefore a good idea to keep your clients up to date and aware of these new trends, especially if your hotel distinguishes itself from the competition due to particularly innovative features. However, if not, it is also a good way for you to investigate these new trends. Writing about these exciting features might tempt you into trying out some of them.

Travellers particularly crave new adventures and experiences, and they love to get some advice on the particular attractions worth visiting while staying at your hotel. This can be a good opportunity to promote your region and the major tourist attractions it offers.

Create a guide which shows how to start the New Year off on the right foot

In order to end this year and start the upcoming one in style, you should create a little guide containing tips and advice on how to start the year off right.

Your guide can be humorous if you want and should contain tips that will put a smile on your client’s faces. You could, for example, make a list of things to do to recover from all the celebrations during this holiday season. For example, after partying during the holidays, your guests will appreciate a funny article detailing how to beat a hangover. You could also compile the best anecdotes that took place in your hotel during the holiday season and share them with your guests.

Your guide can also be more serious in nature, offering ideas on how to take care of yourself in 2019. A New Year’s resolution often relies on one’s desire to make time to enjoy oneself and to optimize one’s health. You could take this opportunity to advertise your spa and massage therapy treatments, if applicable, or to remind clients of their complementary access to your spa facilities when they book a stay at your hotel.

Meanwhile, this guide can be used to publicize your hotel amongst potential clients and also to show that you can create some interesting and high-quality content.

With these tips and tricks, you no longer need to fear the upcoming year and its challenges, and you now have the strength to kick off this new year with confidence.

new year hotel management PMS 2019