The new Hotello PMS dashboard


The dashboard is a new management tool available with version 8 of
your Hotello property management software (PMS).

The dashboard centralizes important data from Hotello, your property management software.
With it, you can look up the occupancy rate, ADR and room status for your hotel from any mobile device, whether it’s a tablet or a smartphone.

Thanks to its widgets, the dashboard provides a simple, at-a-glance view of your hotel’s activity indicators. Hotel managers can view the data that’s of specific interest to them without having to connect to their property management software. Let’s take a closer look at these widgets.

Occupancy rate

With the dashboard, you have access to your occupancy rate in real time. It tells you how the rate has evolved compared to the same day the previous year. This information, which is extracted from your property management software, will evolve according to the day’s activities. The occupancy rate indicator enables you to quickly adjust rates to maximize your profits.

Booking origin

Bookings by source

With the dashboard’s booking source indicator, you can follow the origin of your bookings throughout the day and close or open certain channels accordingly. You can also view where your bookings are performing the best to improve your online presence on channels that aren’t performing as well.

Web booking

The dashboard’s web booking indicator is very useful because it lets you view the number of web bookings for any given period. By looking up historical data in your Hotello property management software, you can predict future bookings and choose the right channels to maximize profitability. Knowing your web booking status also lets you compare your website’s effectiveness to that of OTAs and make the necessary adjustments so your website performs better.

Room status

Room status

The dashboard’s room status indicator lets hotel managers keep track of housekeeping activity in real time. Throughout the day, you can follow the changes to room statuses on the dashboard. Monitoring the occupation rate in relation to room status can demonstrate a housekeeping team’s effectiveness and help managers make adjustments as required.