Functionalities – Enhanced operational efficiency:

The Hotello-Monetico alliance brings significant operational efficiencies to you. No more long lineups at check-out or front desk errors or clients leaving the establishment with an unpaid balance and no payment guarantee.
Your Hotello software becomes a payment terminal that is linked to the conventional terminal where transactions are conducted directly with the client.


It pays to use Monetico:

Using Monetico ensures you have the best payment partner there is. You benefit from the best rates based on credit card volume transactions and a preferential rate on transactions made with a Desjardins card.
Avoid the fees related to non-use of chip cards. No fees, no surcharges, whatever the transaction type.


With “My station,” you can access your deposit statements and transaction records online for free. You also benefit from a preferential rate on the more than 5 million Visa Desjardins credit cards and over 6.5 million Desjardins debit cards in use throughout Quebec. We also provide customer service and technical support 7 days a week in both English and French.

EMV standard

When clients enter their PIN upon arrival, the hotelier ensures their transactions are 100% secure.
To learn more about EMV: