Mingus Software is committed to sustainable development

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante has chosen Mingus Software for the first-ever Parcours Développement durable Montréal, an initiative of the “Femmes pour le climat” program. The project will extend over a 12-month period during which expert advisors will help Mingus Software further transition to sustainable business practices.

Mingus Hotel PMS sustainable development

Mingus Software is already committed to sustainable practices

As Mingus Software aims to improve hotel practices on a daily basis, it has also been committed to improving its practices for many years already. Because we’re concerned about ecology, we’ve had a beehive on our terrace since 2015 to support endangered bees. We also set up several plots in which to grow local vegetables and berries. At the local level, Mingus Software and all its employees are involved with the community. We organized a spaghetti dinner in our office building and raised funds to support an organization that works in schools to encourage children to adopt healthy eating habits. During the holiday season, Mingus Software employees collected non-perishable food items to help associations that serve people in need.

Our employees also benefit from these sustainable development practices. Each Mingus Software employee has the opportunity to work from home to better meet their needs. Employees also enjoy flexible hours to promote a health work and family life balance.

What is sustainable development?

The term sustainable development appeared for the first time in 1980 in the World Conservation Strategy, a publication of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). In 1987, the Brundtland Report took the term a step further at the World Commission on Environment and Development and from it derives the current definition of sustainable development: “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Sustainable development’s main purpose is to rethink the relationships between human beings and between humans and nature.

The three main sustainable development orientations are:

  • To maintain the integrity of the environment, ensure the health and safety of human communities and preserve the ecosystems that sustain life
  • To ensure social equity and thereby promote the full development of all women and men, the growth of communities and a respect for diversity
  • To target economic efficiency to create an innovative and prosperous ecologically and socially responsible economy.

Hotel management software and sustainable development

As the definition indicates, sustainable development applies to all spheres of society. Businesses also have a role to play in the three main sustainable development orientations. Even if tech companies don’t produce polluting emissions like heavy industry does, they still have a role to play. Tech companies should choose their partners judiciously, opting for local hosting service providers or ones that have embraced sustainable development practices. For example, heat generated from some data centres is used to heat communal pools or city greenhouses. These centres can also recycle obsolete computer equipment and choose materials that are longer lasting than others.

Sustainable development is also a social equity issue, and tech companies have a great deal of leeway in the matter. As mentioned above, Mingus Software employees have the option to work from home. This initiative has an impact well beyond that of mere comfort or convenience. Employees who work from home don’t need to commute daily which saves on fuel and on transportation and infrastructure wear and tear. This simple flex benefit, which some companies offer, can have as marked an impact on employee development as it does on sustainable development.

Innovation lies at the heart of tech company concerns. At Mingus, we’re committed to grow our sustainable development initiatives. While we’re already working hard to innovate with our software and work practices, Montreal’s Parcours Développement durable (Sustainable Development Program) will help us further our mission. In particular, we have made greater integration possible between our hotel management software (PMS) and hotel energy saving systems. We’ve also integrated our PMS to check-in kiosks that free hotel employees from repetitive tasks.

Sustainable development and the hotel industry

The tourism industry and, more specifically, the hotel industry, are often targeted as a major source of pollution. Yet, hotels have many options to reduce their ecological footprint. Hotels can generate significant energy savings by not heating or lighting unoccupied rooms. To this end, some PMS systems can integrate with energy management systems. Hotels can also reduce sheet and towel washing frequency. Some hotels will adjust these services according the guest preferences or make a point of not providing clean towels every day. Hotels can also implement water conservation measures. Millions of gallons of water that are wasted every year could be reused. For example, bath water could be used to run toilets.

Sustainable solutions are sometimes much simpler and more accessible than people think. Mingus Software is proud to be among the 15 SMEs selected to make its practices even more sustainable so that we can then advise our clients based on the knowledge we’ve gained in this field to our mutual benefit and for the benefit of society at large.

Mingus Hotel PMS sustainable development