2018 has been a busy year at Mingus; among other things, we experienced great growth, added new system integrations and launched a new application. We can proudly say that our team didn’t twiddle its thumbs this year!

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Ariane Systems terminal integration

In the past year, Hotello integrated with new systems, including Ariane Systems terminals. Thanks to this new connectivity, front desk clerks can now focus on customer service and let the terminals manage check-in and check-out! Ariane Systems self-serve terminals allow guests to be self-sufficient and self-register.

These terminals are used to register guests, set-up pre-authorizations and hand over the key for the reserved room. In addition to making the check-in process easier, Ariane terminals simplify the check-out process. They manage the guest departure process comprehensively, from invoice updates to the return of room keys and payment.

By being accessible at all times, Ariane interactive terminals also allow walk-in guests to check for available rooms themselves and book a room any time of day or night. All these features facilitates the work of reception staff, who can remain efficient and competitive!

Other new integrations

Starting this year, Hotello is connected to two new platforms to manage guest satisfaction more efficiently: TrustYou and Qualitelis.

TrustYou is the world’s largest customer review platform. Thanks to this platform’s connection to Hotello, it’s now possible to send personalized communications to hotel guests via Messenger or SMS. In addition to integrating with TrustYou, Hotello is connected to Qualitelis, which ranks as the top French customer satisfaction platform in the hospitality sector. Our development team has also been working on other possible integrations to automate specific tasks or otherwise optimize hotel operations. Thus, we now offer connectivity with Comtrol, which connects Hotello PMS to other interfaces, such as Saflok, which manages hotel access, and Innspire, an in-room entertainment system. We’ve also developed other interfaces at the request of our clients to meet the specific needs of their business model.

With these new connectivities, Hotello is even more efficient at helping manage our clients’ hotels and evaluating the satisfaction of their guests.

Launch of the Housekeeping application

En 2018, nous avons étendu notre offre de produits en lançant Housekeeping, une application mobile entièrement dédiée à l’entretien ménager d’un établissement hôtelier. Cette dernière améliore la communication entre les départements grâce aux changements des statuts de chambre, qui sont faits directement depuis celle-ci. Cette application augmente l’efficacité puisque les utilisateurs peuvent consulter la liste des chambres selon le statut, l’étage et l’occupation. En fin de compte, l’application Housekeeping aide à accroître la satisfaction client en permettant au personnel d’entretien ménager d’avoir sous la main les notes des réservations et les renseignements sur les arrivées et les départs. Toutes les informations de l’application sont transférées vers Hotello, et vice-versa.

In 2018, we expanded our product offering with the launch of Housekeeping, a mobile app entirely dedicated to your hotel’s housekeeping. The Housekeeping app improves communication between departments through room status changes, which are made directly from the application. This app increases efficiency since users can view room lists by status, floor and occupancy. Ultimately, the Housekeeping app helps increase guest satisfaction by allowing housekeeping staff to access booking notes and information on arrivals and departures. All this information is communicated from the application to Hotello, and vice versa.

New AHC membership status

In 2018, Mingus Software became an affiliate member of the Hotel Association of Canada! Since Mingus is a Canadian company, we are proud to be an AHC affiliate member.

Hotello named Leader in Gartner FrontRunners analysis

In December 2018, we are celebrating the nomination of Hotello as the leader in hotel management software on the FrontRunners matrix, which was developed by Gartner, a global leader in business research and consulting. They conduct a study to gauge the quality of hotel software and its ability to meet the user needs. It’s a great achievement for us to see Hotello rank as a Frontrunners Leader.

Hotello serves nearly 50 new establishments

In 2018, nearly 50 new clients enlisted Mingus Software’s services. Not only does Hotello continue to consolidate its presence in Quebec, but it has also been very successful in new markets across Canada and the United States.

Creation of a department dedicated to our clients’ success

During the past year, we decided to create a new department that aims to coordinate the various stakeholders during the implementation of Hotello to guarantee success for every client. Since changing hotel software may seem like a daunting step, each Client Success Specialist will play an important role in the PMS transition and ensure a successful implementation for each of our clients. This precious help greatly facilitates the Hotello transition and ensures our clients get off to the best possible start under the best possible conditions!

Many awards for our clients

We experience great satisfaction when our clients receive awards as this means they are successful and have accomplished great things. In 2018, many of them were recognized for the quality of their work. For instance, Hotel Monville received the Association Hôtellerie Québec’s Hotelier of the Year Award in 2018. Hotel Le Saint-Germain, in Rimouski, garnered TripAdvisor’s prestigious “Certificate of Excellence” award for the fifth year in a row. We’d also like to highlight the success of Hotel and Suites Le Dauphin in Quebec City for its TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Award 2018 in the “Top 25 Family Hotels – Canada” category.

These three examples represent only a fraction of the prizes our clients received in the last year. These achievements make us very proud and prove to us that the solutions we offer contribute to our clients’ success.

Sustainable development

At Mingus Software, we’re proud to be a sustainable company. Our participation in Parcours Développement durable Montréal 2018 helped us set up greener objectives and adopt a sustainable business model.

Mingus PMS hotel