Meeting and event room management software integrated with your PMS hotel

If you currently use hotel management software, it’s probably hard to imagine managing your hotel without automation, centralized data and real-time updates on all workstations. Whether you have 50 or 500 rooms available each night, you know the extent to which your hotel management software, or hotel PMS, has made management a smoother and more profitable and efficient process.

However, if your hotel offers more than just room rentals, meeting and event room management is likely to be one of your daily challenges. A few years ago, we spoke with one of our long-time clients, Le Dauphin Hotel in Drummondville, which has 30 meeting and event rooms and a team of 30 directly or peripherally involved in managing them. We quickly realized that the hotel’s approach to room management could be extended to the rest of the hotel.

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With weddings, symposiums, banquets, bookings, decorating, menu planning and the team organization required for each event, it goes without saying that meeting and event room management can be a significant challenge. Indeed, this complex task requires sustained coordination between team members, constant information updates and concerted hard work to meet the expectations of guests and keep them satisfied.

In this context, a meeting and event room management module that integrates with your hotel PMS is the perfect tool to extend the efficiency of Hotello’s powerful automation and collaboration features to your entire hotel.

How does meeting and event room management software work?

The meeting and event room management module, like your hotel management software, gathers all your meeting and event room booking data in one place, right at the heart of your hotel PMS. Thanks to this module, you can bring together event types, menus, special needs, dates, special requests and much more. You can also automate tasks such as setting up a block of rooms for a group or planning specific details. This approach makes it easier for team members to collaborate since all the information about an event assigned to a given meeting and event room is available in real time on every workstation in your hotel

Benefit n° 1 : Error reduction

By adding meeting room management software, you can reap the same benefits as Le Dauphin and reduce the risk of errors at your hotel. Because all the information you need is centralized in one place, you avoid errors related to lost information and misinterpreted notes about booking details that are written by hand or improvised in-house calendar.

Moreover, since your hotel PMS is integrated with the meeting room management software, your team members will share clear communications about all booking details. Each person who works with a specific guest or to plan an event can contribute to this information bank and keep the organization process running smoothly. With fewer omissions and the absence of confusion, your event is far more likely to go off without a hitch.

Since all information is centralized, your meeting room management software can also notify you of a scheduling conflict and help you with menu planning, product sales or procurement. With a clear sense of the quantity and nature of your guests’ requests at your fingertips, it’s easier for you to orchestrate the elements that will make these events a success.
Thanks to your hotel PMS, you have access to a veritable goldmine of information about your guest and their event at all times. You can analyze the details of their account and make sure you know their profile, especially if they are a loyal customer who trusts you to oversee their annual event.

Benefit n° 2 : Good management and better profitability

Naturally, by gathering all your information in one place and using meeting room management software that has the power to support you in your tasks, it’s easier to manage your events.
meeting and event room management software can help you maximize your meeting room occupancy rate at any given time by providing an overview and even let you know when a prospect could benefit from a space that’s available.
Moreover, as your meeting and event room management software is integrated with your hotel management software, you can organize accommodation related to your events by allocating or booking the rooms required quickly and easily.

With all the information you need in one place, you can leverage the power of your system and eliminate paperwork and errors; your meeting and event room management software handles your quotes, contracts, invoices, follow-ups, as well as room allocation. As a bonus, you’ll be happy to know that several links in this chain can be automated. Our client, Le Dauphin, noted that, by adding meeting and event room management software that integrated with its hotel management software, they saved a lot of time and also reduced some costs. For example, Le Dauphin’s team was able to save about 20 hours a week on selling and five hours on operations thanks to automation and the centralization of information.

Thus, at a single weekly meeting, Le Dauphin and its employees were able to cover all aspects of menu and supply organization, including the product sales forecast report. The hotel also found that work scheduling was also easier with the meeting and event room management software since event reports can anticipate server tasks and adjust them right up to the last minute. The secret is simple: all system users have access to real-time information.

Benefit n° 3 : Excellent customer service

With the benefits listed above, you can easily see how this software works to ensure flawless customer service and satisfaction. With meeting and event room management software providing support for contract follow-ups and information transmission to help avoid communication errors, the events you organize in the future will be fail-proof.
Your meeting and event room management software allows you to quickly check confirmed items or material deliveries so that you can get an overview of the work required in just a few steps. Centralized, effective and updated in real time, this software is an ally in your relationship with guests, and your salespeople or coordinators can use it to avoid oversights, prevent problems and ensure a flawless event. Because it’s easy to link guest requests to billable items, you can provide guests with faster and clearer billing. Moreover, you can do so automatically!

Now you see how meeting and event room management doesn’t have to be a nightmare. You can accomplish it in an efficient, cost-effective and easy way while also lightening your employees’ load. By putting technology at the service of your hotel, you’ll find it effortless to stand out from the competition and impress your customers!

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