Increase your database with contests!


Use Woobox and H Emailing for your contests!

Immediately retrieve your contest data in H Emailing, and communicate directly with your customers.
H Emailing can now be connected to the Woobox application, which allows you to easily manage contest participants. Visualize contest participants in real time, and send them information about your business as soon as they register for the contest.

Increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter and your social media platforms!

Contests generated by the Woobox application not only considerably increase the number of your newsletter subscribers, but also the number of people who follow you on social media.
This allows you to create a high-value database so you can send communications to people who have a built-in interest in your business.
Moreover, newsletters that include a contest have a 10 to 20% greater opening rate compared to other types of newsletters.

Over 3,000,000 businesses use this application!

Woobox offers tools that help you market your business on social media.
Take full advantage of these tools to generate new contacts and expand your databases.