How Hotello became a Leader

Read on to find out how Mingus’ Hotello software earned the Leader title in Gartner’s FrontRunner quadrant in December 2017!

The business model

Hotello is a PMS software that’s been available since 2001. From that time until 2017, the software went through eight successive iterations. Many upgraded features and improvements to modules were rolled out with each version. The last version of Hotello includes more than 20 new features and improvements. With advances in web technology and the democratization of internet access, Hotello made a big hosting shift. Before 2014, clients hosted the software directly on their site, which required significant IT infrastructure. However, since 2014, clients can opt for a Cloud version of Hotello with which hoteliers can remotely access information stored on a virtual server. Following on the popularity of the Cloud solution and monthly rates, Hotello also became available in SaaS mode. Clients can now choose from three types of hosting based on their payment preferences, technical resources and access to a high-quality internet.

Hotello differentiates itself thanks to its business model. Most Cloud PMSs set rates based on the number of rooms, which is advantageous for large establishments with many rooms but limited administrative staff, while Hotello provides rates based on the number of simultaneous users. For a Cloud hotel management software, Hotello also has advanced features.

The users

With more than 12,000 users worldwide, Hotello has reached an important crossroads. In fact, it’s a top-rated hotel management software on the various assessment platforms.

The software’s performance

Version 8 of Hotello paved the way for new web tools and features a dashboard that’s accessible at all times so that managers can easily track their hotel’s key indicators. With its latest version, Hotello also introduced a new online guest profile that lets guest register before they arrive to speed up the check-in process. This feature testifies to one of Hotello’s quality high points, namely guest knowledge. With a database that’s always accessible and has customizable fields, Hotello helps hoteliers access in-depth knowledge about guests. In addition to its treasure trove of features, Hotello user friendliness is yet another differentiating factor. Users particularly appreciate how quick it is to set up and get running, because it makes them become more productive.

The quality of customer service

Recognized for many years for the quality of its impeccable customer service, Hotello remains true to its reputation thanks to the client testimonials on the various software assessment platforms, such as Capterra, Software Advice and G2Crowd.

Delivering a high-quality customer experience remains one of Mingus Software’s core values. Outstanding customer service also means communicating the various software options, news and updates effectively. Hotello clients can continuously evolve thanks to software improvements and elements developed by user request. Because of these requests, the Hotello team decided to make their training sessions available online on the Mingus Campus. For all these reasons, hoteliers who choose Hotello as their management tool are loyal to it.

The Mingus Software corporate culture

Mingus Software is a truly unique place to work, with its open-concept offices and a team of experts in its field. Mingus is committed to its customers. The company not only wants to satisfy their daily needs, but they also want to offer them tools that adapt to the latest hotel trends. The Mingus team really cares about its work environment and draws design inspiration for Hotello features by looking out the window at the beehive on the terrace. The team lunches near a kitchen garden and enjoys the food it has grown itself and works with its neighbours to help the community.

The Hotello team is proud to have been recognized by Gartner’s FrontRunner Matrix since their tireless efforts over the last few years have made it possible for hoteliers to have access to more powerful software than ever before. The team is also pleased with other breakthroughs it plans to work on in the coming years to ensure Hotello maintains its leadership position and shows even better performance.