Leader in hotel management software

In December 2017, Gartner placed Hotello as a LEADER in hotel management software in its FrontRunners quadrant.

• What is the FrontRunners quadrant?

Gartner, a world leader in market research and consulting, ranked hotel management software (PMS) in its FrontRunners quadrant. Gartner publishes the quadrant twice a year and ranks PMS applications as Leaders, Masters, Contenders or Pacesetters.

• What does the quadrant assess?

To establish its PMS quadrant rankings, Gartner performs a rigorous study of hotel management software. The study assesses hotel management software from around the world with more than 10 user reviews. Over 185 hotel management software products are assessed according to two main criteria: the ability to meet the user’s needs and the software’s quality. The study also considers various aspects of the North-American market as well as hoteliers’ specific needs.

Next, Gartner compiles the study results and ranks the top 25 best-performing software in its FrontRunners quadrant. In June 2017, when the first hotel management software quadrant was released, Hotello was ranked as a Master. In the second quadrant, published in December 2017, Hotello was ranked as a Leader.

What does it mean to be a Leader according to Gartner?

A Leader offers a complete product. Specifically, it offers the highest-quality product and best meets the needs of users in the industry.

• What does it mean to be a Master according to Gartner?

A Master is able to meet users’ needs but not as well as a Leader. End users like the product and its features, but the PMS isn’t necessarily suitable for all markets.

• Hotello’s transition

In less than six months, Hotello graduated from Master to Leader. Indeed, great efforts were deployed to make Hotello a Leader in the North-American market. In recent months, Mingus Software rolled out a new version of Hotello to customers, adding many new and advanced features, web tools for hotel management and better connectivity to allow hoteliers to link all their operational systems to their Hotello hotel management software.