Hotello innovates with electronic kiosks

Hotello is at the cutting edge of the latest technological innovations since, for the last few months, it’s been offering integration with Ariane Systems, the world’s leading electronic kiosk solution. This integration expedites and simplifies the guest check-in and check-out process; guests can now register, pay for their stay and collect their key directly from a self-service terminal.

Offering a twenty-first-century guest experience

The new 269-room Hotel Monville located in downtown Montréal is the first hotel in the country to offer its guests this technology.

Ariane Systems also offers an online registration option. While still in the development phase, it will soon be available to Hotel Monville guests, who’ll be able to check-in and check-out using mobile phone or any other device connected to the Internet.

A major technological advancement

The Hotello and Ariane Systems integration is a major technological advance in the hotel industry. Before Hotel Monville opened its doors, electronic check-in via a terminal or online, though well known in other areas of the world, was without precedent in this country.

The reason for this is the hospitality industry’s high quality standards as well as the many elements to consider to ensure an outstanding guest experience in the absence of traditional human interaction. Indeed, one of the challenges was to maintain a fast and efficient experience for the client while ensuring that, after their check-in, they received all the necessary information regarding their stay.

Also, guests can book a room directly from a self-service terminal any time of the day or night. It’s also possible to accept the hotel’s rules and pre-authorize credit cards for room payments.

To ensure a leading-edge guest experience, Hotello needed to integrate with several providers: Desjardins’ Monetico was responsible for standalone payments, Saflok took care of key distribution and Hotello coordinated all the players and made sure all the information was sent to the PMS.

Interested in seeing the Hotello and Ariane Systems integration at work with your own eyes? Head to Hotel Monville, and test the self-service terminals for yourself.