How your hotel management software can influence your marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns are usually part of the daily tasks for each department within a hotel. Some hotels are more concerned than others, but each will have a different approach when it comes to these campaigns depending on their marketing tools. This article will show you how your primary tool (your hotel management software) can influence your marketing campaign.

hotel management software PMS marketing

A software full of information

If your hotel management software can provide you with statistics, you are already one step ahead regarding your marketing campaign. However if your software is unable to provide you with statistics, you will either have to manually compute a significant amount of data, which will take a lot of time, or build a campaign based on estimation rather than precise data. If you do so, it will be extremely hard to determine whether or not you will have made the right decisions, depending on the target clientele and period of the year.
Data and statistics stored within your hotel management software will allow you get a better understanding of how your hotel is run. You will be able to be more precisely with your clientele type break down depending on the time of year. You can then take marketing actions which target a particular type of clientele in order for you to acquire more market share or try to win over market shares linked to another type of clientele.
Your hotel management software can help you when making these marketing decisions, and help you visualize which clientele type is the most profitable for you and has the highest booking frequency, as well as the times at which each clientele type is most likely to book. This will allow you to know when to launch your marketing campaigns to be the most successful. An efficient marketing campaign cannot be built without precise data.

An easy to use software

Marketing campaigns are usually very time consuming for the front desk staff. Indeed they need to answer questions from potential clients who call the hotel, and also take bookings. The hotel management software is easy to use and plays a critical role when it comes to simplifying daily tasks. Firstly, if your package or deal development is difficult to implement within your hotel management software, the person in charge of the project could easily be discouraged and give up. You also need to minimize the time spent on configuration in order to maximize the time spent on the next set up steps. This will allow you to be responsive and efficient if you want to launch a marketing campaign within a short time frame.

Additionally, if your front desk staff is unable to find the information regarding the ongoing campaign in a quick and efficient manner, they risk losing a potential client’s interest. They will thus be unable to transform your marketing efforts into actual bookings.

Your booking platform also needs to be connected to your hotel management software in order for your online bookings to be directly entered into your hotel management software and for your inventory to be automatically updated. The online booking platform must be easy to use and efficient so that your marketing campaign can promote easy and quick bookings. You need to avoid any lengthy booking processes as they could discourage your potential client from booking. The complementarity between your hotel management software and your booking platform is therefore vital when it comes to marketing campaigns. In fact, this complementarity allows you to offer a competitive and efficient online experience for your clients, without them having to call the hotel’s reception, thus freeing some precious time for your front desk staff.

A software which gives you access to precise data

Your marketing campaigns are probably going to contain info-letters. Clients who have already stayed with you are already aware of the quality of your services, so it can be beneficial for you to make them loyal customers. Did you know that the customer retention cost is on average 10 times smaller than the customer acquisition cost? You can use the info-letters to communicate all sorts of information in a simple and effective manner. Whether you want to communicate your latest features (deals, packages, new rooms, new activities, new menu, etc.) or other information, the info-letters are an excellent way for you to broadcast this new information and tempt your old clients into staying with you again rather than letting them stay at your competition.

In order for you to carry out successful marketing campaigns, it is important for you to be able to retrieve your client database to then transfer it into an info-letter platform or another platform connected to your hotel management software. The data collected over time within your hotel management software is extremely useful for your marketing campaigns. Any hotel management software contains information regarding your client database, but a successful marketing campaign is more often based on targeting rather than on scale. Indeed, the first name and family name are often not enough. The type of stay (romantic, family, winter/summer activity) is one of the elements compiled by some hotel management software, and it will make the difference if used for a marketing campaign, especially those led by e-mails. You will be able to run many different marketing campaigns simultaneously, as each clientele type can be targeted by specific offers or packages. You can also launch a marketing campaign for last minute bookings. This type of campaign would be a better fit for a local clientele rather than an international one. It could be wise to filter this campaign by postal code in order to reach your local clientele. However you can still estimate how early, on average, your international clientele books so that you can adjust at which time it is best for you to send an info-letter in order to tempt them into booking.

The success of a marketing campaign almost solely rests on data you are able to extract from your hotel management software. The more clientele data that is available, the better your chances to create a successful and profitable campaign. The booking conversion rate is based on how easy and simple it is for your clients to book. If you launch an online campaign, make sure you offer your clients a complete online experience by allowing them to book online. Overall, the tools you use will have a great impact on your success rate for your marketing campaigns. If you discover that your tools are not optimal, it might be time to re-evaluate your software functions according to how you potentially want to use and exploit them.

hotel management software PMS marketing