How your hotel management software can help you manage a lack of manpower

In many areas, the lack of manpower in the tourism industry can affect some hotels’ operations. Fortunately, some software tools can compensate for this shortage, allowing you to maintain a quality service.

hotel management software PMS staff

Whether it be by automating some tasks or by boosting your staff’s efficiency, numerous measures can be taken. A Hotel Management Software (PMS) is the key tool in every hotel, and thus can become an important ally during manpower shortages.

1. The Hotel Management Software can automate recurring tasks

Your Hotel Management Software is an essential too for your hotel. It is specially designed to help you execute recurring tasks in the most efficient way possible, or to execute them automatically. Amongst the tasks you can automate using a hotel management software, the automatic room allocation is a good example. This task can easily be automated and thus save you a significant amount of time. On top of being a time-saver, the software will optimize space in your hotel in order to avoid using the same room over and over or, on the other hand, repeatedly leave a room empty, which could both prevent you from taking in new bookings. Your Property Management Software software can also send automated reminders to clients whose stay is right around the corner, or thank-you emails to those who have just stayed with you. This task, in addition to improving the quality of your customer service, is completely automated. It would therefore be wise to use it.

You can also generate lists or reports automatically. Your staff will no longer have to browse through the reports’ menu to find a specific report and print it, as the printing can be automated when programmed to do so beforehand. These are different types of automation that can help you save a few minutes every time. At the end of the day, this will boost your staff’s efficiency and will compensate for a lack a manpower.

2. Interface your Hotel Management Software with other software

A high-end hotel management software should be able to interface with other software. More often than not, the list can be quite substantial. However, it is important to check on the quality of the interface between various software. 2ways if often the minimum requirement which will allow you to get the most out of the software you are using. For example, when you integrate your online bookings, interfaces are essential for two reasons: your Hotel Management Software should be able to send data concerning the availabilities and rates of your rooms and your online booking software should be able to send back information concerning the bookings made online to your PMS. This 2ways interface between the PMS and the online booking engine in nowadays essential. Many software are available to allow clients to customize their stay, to boost your marketing campaigns or to improve efficiency across your departments.

Interfacing can play a role in many departments of your Hotel Management Software, whether it be the sales departments, such as the restaurant or the activities, by automatically sending the bills associated with a room to the corresponding client’s account or by automatically charging the client’s account when they have made a call using the phone in their room.

Billing interfaces are part of the tools that can save a significant amount of time across various departments of your hotel. Starting at the front desk, where deposits and payments are made automatically without having to use any payment terminals. Additionally, when comes the time to balance accounts at the end of the day, receptionist can be certain of having made the right operations and will not have to look for potential errors. Your accounting department and night audit will also save time as they will be sure that the amount of money drawn is accurate.

3. Modernize your front desk with self‑check‑in kiosks

While offering your clients a brand new welcoming experience, self-check-in kiosks can significantly decrease the amount of front desk staff required. They allow your clients to check-in on their own. Each kiosk can identify the client and allow them to proceed to the payment or pre-authorization using their card and give them their room key.

Kiosks also allow clients to check-out, pay for their stay or additional consumptions, return their room key and receive their bill by print or by e-mail. You therefore reduce your need for front desk staff to the minimum and thus the remaining staff will be able to focus on answering your clients’ demands and offering a better customer service.

4. Equip your housekeeping staff with tools connected to the management software

The housekeeping department is usually the department for which manpower shortages have the greatest impact on. By providing your staff with technological tools, you can improve their efficiency by preventing unnecessary trips or wastes of time when communicating with other departments. An app for housekeeping has numerous advantages, including the creation of a list of rooms allocated to the housekeeping staff in just a few clicks. The housekeeping manager can therefore quickly generate a list of tasks for the available staff according to preferences. By optimizing housekeeping tasks allocation, the department manager can also reduce the number of trips and allow the housekeeping staff to focus on tasks to be carried out.

Additionally, the app allows the housekeeping manager to visualize the rooms currently being prepared. By preventing the housekeeping manager numerous trips in order to find someone from their staff, they can add notes on the management software, which will immediately be communicated to the app and read by the housekeeping staff. The app also simplifies communication between the front desk and housekeeping staff. In fact, whenever a room is ready, the housekeeping staff can update the room status directly on the app and this information will be communicated to the Hotel Management Software.

When it is hard to recruit staff in the tourism industry, technology is a great option, due to its ability to optimize existing tools and use new tools. The amount of time and money saved by these tools should motivate you to take on new solutions. More often than not, these technologies are beneficial for both you and your clients. They will allow you clients to have new experiences while preventing your staff from repeatedly executing time-consuming tasks, which will have a real impact on their satisfaction at work.

hotel management software PMS staff