Get your hotel management software ready for high season!

Considering that high season is just around the corner and Tourisme Québec is predicting high occupancy rates, it’s time to gear up to receive a large influx of customers. Are you ready to face this big upswing in activity? Is your hotel management software optimized to guarantee your staff can work effectively?

Consider adding additional temporary licences

With seasonal employees coming onto the scene and high season looming, your establishment’s reception is bound to be busier than usual. However, it’s possible to make the most of this situation by procuring temporary Hotello licences.

These additional licences can be purchased for a specific time period, so more employees can work simultaneously with your Hotello hotel management software for the period of time required.

Préparez votre logiciel de gestion hôtelière pour la haute saison!
Préparez votre logiciel de gestion hôtelière pour la haute saison!

Train your new employees

As you probably already know, it’s essential that front desk employees have in-depth knowledge of your hotel management software. If new employees aren’t trained enough, the result may be long queues at the front desk as well as customer dissatisfaction. This could have a disastrous impact on your establishment’s reputation and lead to many negative comments on TripAdvisor.

Therefore, training has a direct impact on customer experience. To make sure your staff gets the proper training on your hotel management software, Hotello‘s online training platform, the Mingus Campus, is a winning solution! Since all your staff can watch our training capsules at their own pace, your supervisors will be freed up to manage other tasks.

Be well prepared for high season! Start by making sure your employees can work effectively and your property management software is optimized. These factors will contribute to better performance and boost your profitability. Beyond the financial considerations, a successful high season enhances your image and helps retain both your staff and your customers.