Make the most of the high season

Summer is approaching fast. It’s the time of year where vacation goers take over the various holiday regions and look for a place to stay. It is therefore the perfect time to double your efforts in order to make the most of this busy time of year. Here are some tricks to help you achieve your full potential.

high season

Be aware of your reality

Do you really know the type of people who stay with you during the summer? If you have a property management software (PMS), the answer to this question is probably “yes”. Your PMS software is extremely detailed and valuable when it comes to data, but it is important to be able to analyze them correctly in order to exploit them efficiently. By knowing which type of guest is more likely to book or spend at your hotel during the high season, you can target this market during your marketing campaigns. This way, you will avoid unnecessary spending and you will have the opportunity to maximize your return on investment (ROI)!

Showcase targeted offers

You have successfully analyzed your data and determined which segment(s) of the market are most profitable for you during the high season. You can now create packages, offers and special rates, rates which your targeted customers are unlikely to turn down. E-mail marketing is an excellent way to communicate these offers, as you will be able to send the specifically tailored offers directly to the targeted customer segments whom have already stayed at your hotel. You can also display these offers on your website and on your booking platform(s), while paying attention to the key words you use so that they are well represented throughout the search results for that particular market segment. Moreover, do not forget to use social media and web advertising to promote your hotel to your target clientele.

On another note, it could be wise to evaluate your penetration rate within the market for all the different services your offer, so that you can adapt the rates displayed across your hotel’s various points of sales. For example, if you notice that few guests are choosing to dine at your hotel, you could create a package with a meal included. This would allow you to better forecast your restaurant’s occupancy and thus avoid food waste. It may also act as an incentive for your clients to dine at the hotel again.

Offer competitive pricing

During the high season, competition is fierce. You will need to use strategies in order to fix your rates. Travelers are aware that rates increase during the summer. However, you have multiple competitors who also wish to increase their occupancy rate. You therefore need to find the right equilibrium between increasing your rates to maximize your profits and offering competitive pricing. The yield management feature makes a lot of sense for you to use here as it will help you adjust your prices and maximize your profits. You will also need to analyze the data stored within your hotel management software, the offers advertised by your competitors and the events happening around you in order to ensure you have competitive prices. Watching your competitors’ rates is even more important during the summer, as last-minute bookings are common and travelers visit various booking platforms to choose the option with the best value. While it all depends on the number of competitors within your area, we recommend monitoring your competitors every day, or even twice a day during the summer. Under these circumstances, it is essential for you to maintain a constant interconnection between your channel manager, your booking platform and your PMS, as the updating of your prices must be done quickly and your room inventory must also be done instantaneously to avoid overbooking.

Speed up your processes

You will obviously have more bookings during the summer. Your employees will be busier and will have a heavier workload, but some tools can ensure this heavy workload remains manageable. In order to speed up the booking process, make sure that your booking platform is efficient. Indeed, by having a good booking platform on your website, those who wish to stay at your hotel will be able to book directly online rather than having to personally call the front desk and wait to talk to one of your employees. Some might get frustrated and hang up, which could lead you to lose potential customers. This will also allow your staff to be available to properly answer the questions of your current guests and to offer a remarkable service without being disturbed by having to answer the phone. An efficient booking platform is an essential technology that can save precious time while also increasing your guests’ satisfaction and maximizing your profits.

You can naturally expect more clients at your front desk during the high season. If your clients have to wait too long, it could have a negative impact on their experience within your hotel and discourage them from coming back or recommending your hotel to others. Therefore, you need to consider speeding up your arrival and departure processes in order to reduce waiting time at the front desk . In order to do so, you could offer “early arrival” and “late check-out” options which will minimize the queues at the official check-in and check-out hours. Many clients are willing to pay an additional fee to be able to have these options, so make sure to take this opportunity! In addition, the advanced features such as payment automation , room allocation and booking confirmation and reminder e-mails. This will save your employees a lot of time and will save you a significant amount of money.

Organize events

Have you ever thought of organizing events at your hotel? Weddings and graduation balls are common during the summer and could considerably increase your revenue during the high season. You will obviously need the room to host these kinds of events, but you could also limit yourself to smaller events. Intimate weddings and small gatherings of graduates also exist and do not require as much space. A barn, a part of your grounds, an unused room; all these spaces are ready to be used to increase your profits.

Know how to accommodate to your clientele

Many travelers may not wish to leave their pets at home or at a kennel when they go on vacation. In addition, hotels which allow animals are rare. Transforming a few of your rooms into pet-friendly units, even if just for the summer, could attract more customers. In addition, pet owners are usually willing to pay an additional fee if they are able to bring their pets with them on vacation. Various booking platforms offer the possibility of filtering hotels based on their pet policy. It can be a great opportunity for you to offer this feature if you want to attract this customer segment and can make you stand out from your competition.

Develop partnerships

Does the city where your hotel is located attract a lot of tourists during the summer? Why not target the tourists’ favorite spots and offer them to partner with you? For example, you could have some leaflets on display at the most popular local coffee shop to showcase your hotel and thus generate a couple of last-minute bookings during the high season. Some travelers also make the trip for one special activity. It could be wise to monitor the activities offered around you in order to advertise packages that could attract these travelers. Keep on top of what is going on around you so that you do not miss out on business opportunities which could be beneficial for you.

high season