Credit card encryption for extra security

You’ve surely heard of PCI security standards, which were developed to increase security for payment accounts data worldwide. Hotello complies with these standards, as it is programmed to automatically encrypt, and thus secure, your credit card numbers using a unique encryption key. PCI standards recommend that this key be changed regularly to reduce the risk of data theft or loss.

Mingus Software contains a tool that changes your encryption key. It automatically generates a new key that’s robust, unique and respects the security standards in effect. Hotello’s encryption process re-encrypts sensitive information after a new key is issued. It is recommended that you modify this new key at least once a year. This function is accessible via the main interface: Administration -> Modify the encryption key.


Here are the steps to follow:

After the night audit, go to Administration -> Modify the encryption key

  1. You will see a warning message that Hotello is shutting all interfaces
  2. Hotello will ask you to save the database. You must accept.
  3. After the Hotello has finished saving the database, it will launch the encryption key change. You will see the progress of re-encrypted files.
  4. The interfaces will restart.

* This process can take several minutes, which is why we recommend that you launch it after the night audit, when your establishment is less busy.

If one or more interfaces do not shut down automatically, the process will not start. You can resolve this problem by manually closing all your interfaces. If you do this, don’t forget to restart them once the process has terminated.

Before continuing to work in the software, always verify several reservations randomly to make sure you can still access the credit card data.

If, for some reason, the encryption key change process does not work, give us a call within the next few days during business hours, because the night technician won’t be able to help you.


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