Do you need to renovate your hotel?

Here’s the help you need!

It’s not enough to offer first-rate service. You must treat guests to an almost transcendent experience! Guests’ expectations are growing, and with all the review sites available, you can’t hide less-than-fresh décor and rooms.

Today, people usually want rooms that feature an inspiring décor, ultra-clean bathrooms and impressive common areas. And, naturally, they want all this at the lowest cost possible!

Newly renovated hotels attract more guests

It’s no surprise that the most sought-after hotels are those that are newly renovated. Some article, like this one, are dedicated to the topic and can provide your hotel with priceless publicity.

What’s great about the web it that, these days, it’s much easier for a hotelier to leverage their renovation investment than it was back in the days of the Yellow Pages. Moreover, if you use the right approach, you’ll quickly get positive comments and people will share your news across the web.

Not always as easy as it seems

However, if you’ve done renovations in the past, you know how time consumption they can be. While the work is being done, your establishment must remain operational and you must continue to manage it. Your staff won’t sprout wings and give you a break by becoming low-maintenance angels during the renovations!

If you haven’t picked the right professionals and contractors, your projects could quickly turn into a nightmare.

Five mistakes to avoid before starting a renovation project

  • Not taking the time to plan the project

    You have staff to manage, your guests are complaining about yesterday’s noisy event that kept them up all night and you have a new group arriving in two days. There may be many good reasons not to stop and take the time to plan your project. However, if you don’t take the time to do it before you start, you’ll have to invest three times the amount of time later on.

  • Not taking the time to choose the right contractor

    When you hire a manager to run your hotel, you take the time to choose them, determine whether you’ll get along with them over time and check their references, credit history and so forth. The same goes for your contractor; they’ll be managing your hotel’s most important project for several weeks or even months, depending on the scope of work.

  • Being too focused on saving money

    You run a hotel, so you know that miracles rarely fall into your lap in the business world. If you thought to save 30% by shopping around for a contractor, think again. That just isn’t possible. Contractors’ profit margins are tight. If they’re offering a discounted price, you’ll get what you pay for…

  • Not planning late penalties

    Each day of work performed after the deadline will have a financial impact on your business. It’s best to plan ahead and share the risk of delays with the contractor, so they’ll be motivated to deliver on time.

  • Not planning for the unexpected

    Any construction or renovation project is subject to uncertainties, even commercial ones. Whether materials are back ordered, the weather, uncooperative or an electrical circuit goes haywire, you need to plan for the unexpected. When you’re prepared, it’s far easier to deal with such unforeseen events.

When it comes to hotel renovations, the biggest hurdle is that your hotel must remain operational 24/7. Therefore, you need to plan ahead to minimize noise at certain times of the day and ensure the safety of guests, staff and workers. A contractor that falls behind schedule and is facing late penalties might be less conscientious about noise or safety as the work winds down. That’s why everything needs to be outlined in detail in the contract.

Free help at your fingertips

Did you know that some businesses offer services that could be very useful to you during the execution of your hotel project? Some of them are even free of charge. Of course, they won’t do everything for you, but they can recommend a specialized architect, pre-qualify and –verify contractors through private calls for tender and help you at every step of your project. In fact, one of these businesses was recently recommended by Protégez-Vous.