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Wednesday, September 9, 2015 –

Guestfolio, a leading CRM system for hoteliers has partnered with Hotello, a fully integrated hotel management solution. This partnership will now enable Hotello customers to benefit from an integrated single-source solution that manages all day-to-day transactional communications, guest satisfaction, and provide dynamic Guest Profiles.

« Partnering with Hotello demonstrates how hospitality vendors need to work together for the benefit of their mutual clients. Hotello PMS clients will now benefit from an intricate relationship that could offer unprecedented opportunities to increase per-stay revenue and help retain guests,” says Duane Hepditch, CEO of Guestfolio, « our goal at Guestfolio is encourage our clients to learn more about their guests’ profiles and use that knowledge to drive revenue and enhance the guest experience, this partnership with Hotello is another example of our efforts to do just this.»



Hotello, by Mingus Software, manages all aspects of the hotel in one place; PMS, POS, Booking engine, GDS, CRS, Revenue manager, Task manager, Marketing emailing and many others. By using a cloud solution and the most advanced marketing and statistical tools available, Hotello provides flexible and reliable software that optimizes hotelier performance.
Through a personal pre-arrival program that delivers targeted messages at the right time and exceeds guest expectations, Guestfolio provides hoteliers with revenue opportunities and invaluable insight into their guests. By measuring guest satisfaction and engagement throughout the travel journey, Guestfolio provides simple, real-time data and analytics to ensure hoteliers provide attentive service and a personal experience for their guests.

Hotello clients will now have the opportunity to benefit from the following Guestfolio tools:

• Build their own multi-language pre-arrival program catering to their specific guests needs

• Enable guests to plan their stay and make requests for services before their check-in

• Send post-stay guest satisfaction surveys that automatically integrate with TripAdvisor®

About Guestfolio

Guestfolio is an award-winning and trusted guest engagement platform for all your hospitality data. By working in partnership with hoteliers and providing an integrated single-source solution that manages all day-to-day transactional communications, guest satisfaction and digital marketing programs, Guestfolio provides a robust data driven guest profile that is proven to maximize guest retention, increase guest satisfaction and drive revenue.


About Hotello, by Mingus Software

Hotello is a mature and well-established product used each day to manage more than 35,000 rooms. With fourteen years of experience, this company has 500 clients in six countries. To respond to all the needs of hoteliers, Hotello offers both cloud-based and on-site solutions. Use this software to increase your productivity and save time!





Mingus Software recently expanded with the addition of H Emailing, an email marketing service designed for the hotel industry.


Mingus now offers four products specially designed to help hoteliers manage their establishments more effectively:

Hotello :

A leader in Quebec’s independent hotel industry, Hotello has been offering hoteliers the best marketing and analytics tools and functionalities to ensure their success for nearly 15 years.

H Emailing:

The most competitive email marketing solution designed for the hotel industry. Communicate with your customers immediately with your very next emailing, because H Emailing is connected directly to your Hotello PMS. Managing customer lists has never been easier!

KX Hotel:

Connect your Panasonic phone system to your PMS. Manage and centralize all your communications, call invoicing and operations management in a snap.


Get an effective solution complete with a full task manager that makes it easier to operate and run your hotel.



This month, we’re showcasing a client that has been using Hotello since 2010. In addition to being a golfing establishment, the Royal Laurentien is also an outstanding four-season resort with 16 four-star luxurious chalets and a recipient of the Tourisme Québec Grand Prize.



Did you know that… Hotello completely manages your family packages and takes age groups into consideration in relation to activities and family passes!By configuring pricing according to age groups, you can put together packages with good prices and really simplify the reservation process. An optional package item will be used for your family passes, which can be selected according to the family’s particular circumstances.


The family tourism industry is not a favourite among all hoteliers, and there’s a reason! It requires reserving a special area for families in the restaurant to avoid complaints from other customers. Special equipment is also needed to accommodate the needs of babies and older children. However, some establishments have been targeting this clientele for many years. Learn about the success of Jouvence:


“Located in the heart of Mont-Orford National Park, on the shores of Lake Stukely, the Centre de Villégiature Jouvence is an invigorating nature destination for fun outdoor activities. Whether vacationing with family, as a couple, alone or with friends, or visiting for business, Jouvence offers an all-inclusive formula: lodging, 3 meals a day, a multitude of activities, and onsite availability of all seasonal outdoor equipment.

The history of Jouvence dates back to 1944, when a priest bought a small lot on the shores of Lake Stukely, in Orford. Over the years, the Episcopal Corporation acquired several neighbouring lots and built some small cottages.

In 1970, Jouvence became a non-profit organization, which it remains today. In 1976, the centre expanded its clientele to welcome families. Both expansions and acquisitions were necessary for the development of the offer. Other buildings were added in the years up to 2000. Then in 2002, with the help of grants and loans, Jouvence invested in a major renovation project. In 2010, two new pavilions were opened. Built in part with environmentally responsible and recycled materials, these modern pavilions helped meet the growing client needs. That same year, Jouvence was classified as a 5-star vacation centre for its high quality service, equipment and facilities.

For more than 45 years, the keys to our success have been our employees’ passion, the charm of the site and our personalized customer-centered service.

Jouvence, a unique hotel experience!”

François Leduc, MBA CEO, Jouvence

Credit card encryption for extra security

You’ve surely heard of PCI security standards, which were developed to increase security for payment accounts data worldwide. Hotello complies with these standards, as it is programmed to automatically encrypt, and thus secure, your credit card numbers using a unique encryption key. PCI standards recommend that this key be changed regularly to reduce the risk of data theft or loss.

Mingus Software contains a tool that changes your encryption key. It automatically generates a new key that’s robust, unique and respects the security standards in effect. Hotello’s encryption process re-encrypts sensitive information after a new key is issued. It is recommended that you modify this new key at least once a year. This function is accessible via the main interface: Administration -> Modify the encryption key.


Here are the steps to follow:

After the night audit, go to Administration -> Modify the encryption key

  1. You will see a warning message that Hotello is shutting all interfaces
  2. Hotello will ask you to save the database. You must accept.
  3. After the Hotello has finished saving the database, it will launch the encryption key change. You will see the progress of re-encrypted files.
  4. The interfaces will restart.

* This process can take several minutes, which is why we recommend that you launch it after the night audit, when your establishment is less busy.

If one or more interfaces do not shut down automatically, the process will not start. You can resolve this problem by manually closing all your interfaces. If you do this, don’t forget to restart them once the process has terminated.

Before continuing to work in the software, always verify several reservations randomly to make sure you can still access the credit card data.

If, for some reason, the encryption key change process does not work, give us a call within the next few days during business hours, because the night technician won’t be able to help you.


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