Increase your database with contests!


Use Woobox and H Emailing for your contests!

Immediately retrieve your contest data in H Emailing, and communicate directly with your customers.
H Emailing can now be connected to the Woobox application, which allows you to easily manage contest participants. Visualize contest participants in real time, and send them information about your business as soon as they register for the contest.

Increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter and your social media platforms!

Contests generated by the Woobox application not only considerably increase the number of your newsletter subscribers, but also the number of people who follow you on social media.
This allows you to create a high-value database so you can send communications to people who have a built-in interest in your business.
Moreover, newsletters that include a contest have a 10 to 20% greater opening rate compared to other types of newsletters.

Over 3,000,000 businesses use this application!

Woobox offers tools that help you market your business on social media.
Take full advantage of these tools to generate new contacts and expand your databases.



Functionalities – Enhanced operational efficiency:

The Hotello-Monetico alliance brings significant operational efficiencies to you. No more long lineups at check-out or front desk errors or clients leaving the establishment with an unpaid balance and no payment guarantee.
Your Hotello software becomes a payment terminal that is linked to the conventional terminal where transactions are conducted directly with the client.


It pays to use Monetico:

Using Monetico ensures you have the best payment partner there is. You benefit from the best rates based on credit card volume transactions and a preferential rate on transactions made with a Desjardins card.
Avoid the fees related to non-use of chip cards. No fees, no surcharges, whatever the transaction type.


With “My station,” you can access your deposit statements and transaction records online for free. You also benefit from a preferential rate on the more than 5 million Visa Desjardins credit cards and over 6.5 million Desjardins debit cards in use throughout Quebec. We also provide customer service and technical support 7 days a week in both English and French.

EMV standard

When clients enter their PIN upon arrival, the hotelier ensures their transactions are 100% secure.
To learn more about EMV:




Will your establishment be closed during the Holidays or for the winter season?

Call us and we’ll help you set up the automated night audit. With this function, you can choose the time at which Hotello starts processing. Upon your return, Hotello will be up-to-date, and you’ll be set to take up your regular activities right away.




December 31 generally means celebrating with champagne, music and parties

How can you prepare your establishment for this special evening so that everyone has fun, but can sleep tight as well? To avoid nasty surprises, be sure to let everyone know about your policies regarding noise in the rooms and public areas. You may want to post a reminder regarding your non-smoking policy. You can configure a special cancellation policy that will be automatically applied during the Holiday Season.


When a reservation is made, require full prepayment to avoid bad surprises. Upon arrival, request a preauthorization to cover all possible damages and unforseen expenses.

To discourage loitering, hire additional security staff and make sure they are highly visible in the lobby during peak arrival times and that they circulate on the floors later in the evening.

You may also want to have a dynamic and motivated maintenance team on hand to clean the rooms as well as the public areas.

As you know, spending the Holidays stuck behind a reception desk isn’t exactly exciting.

Here are a few suggestions of simple but necessary tasks that are particularly appropriate for these long, solitary days.


Consolidate client profiles: Go to Administration | Contact | Clients. Press Search. From the list, you’ll be able to see profiles containing similar information. Position yourself on the contact with the least complete information, and press CONSOLIDATE. Next, using the SEARCH button, select the profile that should receive information including information about stays and statistics. Repeat the process as often as required to access all similar profiles.


Dust and disinfect workstations: Flu season is in full swing; don’t forget to thoroughly clean your keyboards, phones and armrests!


Shred registration cards and other obsolete documents (especially if older documents include credit card impressions): PCI standard, which dictate global credit card information security protocols, prohibit the storing of credit card numbers in unsecured formats. They must be correctly destroyed or deleted.


Sort brochures and stock the supplies closet:: Nothing is more frustrating than trying to find a ream of printer paper only to discover that no one has stocked the supplies closet! Take advantage of these quieter moments to sort through your stock of supplies. Test ballpoints and pens to make sure they haven’t dried out, make a list of missing items and recycle expired brochures.


Update procedures: It is impossible to be too familiar with the hotel’s emergency procedures. It is always a good idea to reread evacuation procedures, to check out the fire panel to identify the important buttons and to update managers’ phone numbers in case of emergency.