The star button in hospitality

Nowadays, buttons are an essential part of web analyses. They are especially useful to gage the performance of your websites, to interact with the visitors of your website or booking platform, to turn a simple curious visitor into a client and to convert an internet user into a subscriber for your newsletter.

Book now PMS hotel marketing

Although we can find buttons almost everywhere, they always have the same role: To trigger a consumer’s reaction. In the hospitality industry, there exists a star button amongst these called the “Book now” button. This button allows internet users to efficiently place a booking for your hotel online. Here is what you need to know about the different aspects of the “Book now” button in order to maximize its potential and boost your online bookings.

Its role

The “Book now” button is, without a doubt, the most important feature of a hotel’s website. It allows you to immediately convert a visitor into a client and to guide an internet user towards a booking platform, which will then lead them to pick out the different components of their stay and place a booking. Thus, your “Book now” button has an immediate impact on your online bookings. Its efficiency is therefore key if you want to retain your clients instead of letting them book through an OTA or a competitor.

Its location

As odd as it can seem, the location of a button plays a significant role. The location must be visible and easy to access for the internet user at all times. It must always be present on their screen, no matter which page the internet user is on, in order to allow them to book no matter how far along they have progressed in their decision process. By having your booking button easily accessible at all times, the potential client will not need to search through the many different pages of your website for it. This eliminates the possibility of them giving up and booking elsewhere.

Its content

That is the text within the button. Instead of going for the usual “Book now”, you could be creative in order to stand out from the competition, and use a different type of wording. In any case, the text should make it crystal clear that the user has to click in that specific spot to start their booking process. Therefore, you can perform A/B test on different communication channels with different content as for example “Plan your next stay”, “Book your next stay”, “Check availabilities”.

Its aspect

The colour of the button needs to match with your website’s colour chart but also with the nature of its role. As the primary goal is to make it visible, you need to pick a colour which will easily differentiate itself from the rest of the website, or at least use shades which will make it stand out, such as complementary colours.
You also need to take into account the font of the writing on the button. A font consisting of capital letters will differ from one consisting of lower-case letters. In addition, using a different font than the ones present on your website can be aesthetically pleasing, as long as it is coordinated with your colour chart and the internet user does not think they will end up on a different website by clicking on it.

Its link

The “Book now” button should have a link leading to a booking platform. A button which links the user elsewhere, such as an application form, could possibly frustrate them and lead them to exit your website. The button’s link should imperatively lead towards a booking platform with a pre-determined length of stay and number of guests, calculated according to their corresponding average within your hotel. This will simplify the internet user’s experience. If your “Book now” button is located on a page displaying a particular package, it would be wise for the button to be linked to the package’s booking page and not the general booking process page.

Its use

The “Book now” button is used throughout your website, but it can also be used in your various communications, such as your e-mail marketing campaigns. Your newsletter could easily contain the “Book now” button as a call-to-action feature. Once again, its efficiency is tightly linked to the different factors mentioned above.
For your marketing campaigns, it is essential for you to make sure that the link you use properly re-directs to the desired page. Additionally, the “Book now” button implies a web experience. Thus, a “Call now to book” button should be banned from your web communications. This is counter-productive for any marketing campaign you wish to lead, as the user receiving the newsletter expects a web experience and probably does not want to book over the telephone.
The “Book now” button can also be used on social media. Some social networks even give you the opportunity to directly incorporate it onto your webpage. Social media can be an excellent way to promote your offers, as they are specifically designed for users to keep using them. Do not forget to use suitable links for each campaign such that you can easily measure your campaigns’ efficiency.

An optimized and strategically designed “Book now” button will allow you to make a difference when it comes to your website’s success. You should seriously consider this option during your campaigns. We advise you to invest in this special button, as it will allow you to thrive!

Book now PMS hotel marketing