Better customer service thanks to the best PMS system

High-quality customer service is the key to ensuring stellar establishment management across the board, and the hotel sector is far from being an exception. Guests have needs that must be met quickly. Timely human and technological service is essential. The effectiveness of property management software (PMS) directly impacts guest experience and operations management. By choosing a successful hotel management system, you can attain the efficiency level you’re looking for faster and more easily. A PMS system is your hotel’s virtual headquarters and, as such, improves customer service and simplifies general management operations. The system must be effective enough to store and make it possible to analyze data about your establishment’s guests and activities. Read on to discover how an efficient PMS system can positively impact customer service.

Hotel PMS system customer service

Check-in kiosks in support of customer service

Improved hotel management derives from the automation of multiple tasks, which results in time and money savings as well as in overall satisfaction (for both guests and staff). More particularly, self-serve electronic check-in and check-out kiosks are now available, which allow for greater guest autonomy and user-paced service. Over the past few months, technological innovation in the hospitality industry has reached a new peak. Guests can now speed up the check-in and check-out process thanks to kiosks that can deliver room keys, pre-authorize payments and communicate hotel regulations.

At the Monville Hotel, located where Montreal’s downtown and Old Port sectors meet, you can experience the power of the technological integration of the Hotello PMS and Ariane Systems, the world reference in electronic guest registration. Currently, the Monville is the only hotel in Canada where this integration is available.

There are many advantages to using the kiosks, including fast and efficient service when it comes to booking and booking management at any time day or night. The positive knock-on effects are also felt by staff members and in human relations. Employees have more time to spend interacting with guests and can, therefore, offer more comprehensive customer service. The use of a PMS system such as Hotello should be seen as a productive complement to customer service. Receptionists can work side-by-side with the check-in terminals.

Customer service and efficiency

Regarding customer service, a good PMS system’s efficiency comes down to one significant keyword: speed. Your system must be time efficient to avoid queues at check-in and when it comes time to pay at check-out. The same rule applies where the booking form is concerned; it must be easy to understand and allow for active data entry. The speed of the service offered through the PMS system will determine guests’ degree of satisfaction. Keep in mind that the more intuitive your system is, the more guests will be happy to do business with you. A good PMS system must be user-friendly, scalable, automated, encrypted and available on the cloud as well as provide adequate technical support. These attributes are the main qualities you should look for in a good PMS!

Customer service through integration

Your PMS system may be your hotel’s focal point, but for it to be as efficient as possible, it must integrate seamlessly with other systems. Hotel management systems must communicate with each other. The kind of integration required allows for fluid communication between multiple systems and provides optimal and comprehensive customer service. For example, a PMS system must integrate with the in-room guest management system, the connected key system that makes late check-in possible by sending guests a code by email or text before they arrive and the entertainment system that allows customers to customize their experience according to their preferences, since it recognizes which guest is staying in which room.

To have access to these features and offer them to guests, integration between the PMS and other systems is essential. Automation lies at the heart of this integration. When you acquire a good PMS system, keep in mind that it is always possible to improve customer service further by making judicious and broad use of the PMS’s features.

Hotel PMS system customer service