5 advantages of a cloud-based hotel PMS

Should your property invest in a cloud-based hotel PMS system? With the growing number of independent brands sweeping the globe, there are distinct advantages for using a cloud-based PMS system compared to a brand specific one.
Today we will discuss the five biggest benefits you will receive from purchasing a cloud based PMS system.

PMS system hotel management cloud

Access across multiple devices

The biggest benefit to using a PMS system through a cloud server is the ability to access it on any device with a web browser. This can be convenient if you are away from your property and need to make an adjustment to a rate or room assignment on the fly, or if you simply need to help out a staff member with a technical issue. When you use a hardware based PMS, the amount of devices that can use it are limited to the brand’s base requirements. You will normally see it at the front desk, in the General Manager’s office, and possibly in the housekeeping department. These restrictions will all be avoided by jumping to a cloud based system.

Increased efficiency across departments

Communication is one of the most important aspects of running a property. If different departments aren’t able to communicate in real time it could lead to mistakes that can ruin a guest experience. Instead of the housekeeping manager or supervisor coming down to the front desk to update the status of a room they can update them as they go off of their phone or other devices.

24/7 Security and automatic cloud updates

Security and guest privacy is of the utmost importance for any property, and using a cloud based PMS system gives you 24/7 access to a security team in case of an emergency. The security team will not only monitor attempted hacks, but assist you with data recovery loss if needed. Most hardware-based PMS systems archive everything on the main device without an external backup, so if the hardware shorts out or stops functioning you could be looking at years of data gone forever. Automatic updates to the system also make it more convenient when it is time to upgrade to newer features, allowing the upgrades to happen periodically when traffic through the PMS system is at it low point for the day.


Purchasing a cloud-based PMS system is more affordable than buying one with a dedicated server. Whether you sign a one or two-year contract, the long term savings can be a boost to your overall profits. Most cloud-based systems pricing charts are based on the size of your property, with a fixed amount per room, or based on number of users. This can be extremely cost-effective and will also make managing the system easier for your front office staff.

No hardware on property

Not having to worry about installing a server for the PMS system is another benefit of purchasing a cloud-based PMS system. The cost of installing the server and the annual maintenance of it, give you a distinct advantage when running a cloud based system. Most non-cloud PMS will also need the equipment refreshed annually or bi-annually. This process will involve multiple computers to be installed on a specific date. Depending on the size of your property this could cause problems not only for the front office staff trying to keep track of all guests checking in and out, but other departments that use the PMS system as well (mainly housekeeping and F&B departments.) A typical hardware refresh can take anywhere from 10-12 hours, so you have to ask yourself: how would your staff handle this daunting task? Have you ever gone into your server room and immediately regret it due to the sheer amount of hardware? You won’t have to worry about that feeling of dread when working with a cloud-based PMS.

Purchasing a cloud-based system could be the boost in efficiency your property needs to stand out from the competition!

PMS system hotel management cloud