9 ideas to maximize your hotel’s profits

Reinventing ways to increase the profits of your establishment is not always necessary. Sometimes all you have to do is change a few things in your daily routine to lower your costs. Here are 9 ideas to maximize your hotel’s profits.

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Opt for the cloud

A simple way to lower your costs is to choose a cloud-based property management software (PMS). In doing so, you avoid IT infrastructure and networking equipment costs. When using the cloud, you do not have to pay for software maintenance and updates or increase your storage space. With a cloud-based PMS, all this is done online for free.

Make mobile operation a priority

Have you ever thought about taking advantage of mobile phones and have your employees use them as a work tool? It is high time to do so with this technology so easily available. Equipping your staff with a mobile maintenance management application, for example, can highly improve the communication among different departments in a hotel. A mobile application for housekeeping would allow housekeeping staff to see front-desk notes and arrival information at a glance. In the meantime, the front-desk staff would see the status of the rooms in real time. This will make your staff save a lot of time.

Set out clear rules

To increase the efficiency of your staff and to avoid wasting time, setting out clear rules is essential. Let’s take the housekeeping department as an example once again. A room that has only been used for a few hours by a single occupant does not require as much time to clean and prepare as a room that has been used for a full week by a family of four. Establishing standardized rules about housekeeping types and effectively communicating them to your staff is important. It is even usually possible to include these rules in your hotel management software.

Optimize your employees’ schedules

Of course, most of your employees prefer a fixed work schedule. However, with this method, your hotel might then be either overstaffed or understaffed. To avoid this, creating schedules that vary according to your forecasts is recommended. The statistical data of your hotel management software becomes essential. It will allow you, among other things, to make your schedules based on individual arrivals and group arrivals. For example, remember that registering 20 separate individuals takes much longer than registering a whole group arriving by bus. Your hotel software can become a lot more useful if it allows you to register a whole group. Registration forms completed by the guests before their arrival are a great help in gathering information that will help you plan your schedules. This way, you can plan shifts based on forecasts, and schedule only the staff you need, which will help you maximize your profits.

Reduce your marketing costs

Instead of spending a small fortune on advertising, try publishing some high-quality content and increase your subscribers on social media. You might be surprised to see what you can do for free on these networks. Invite your guests to leave reviews on your Facebook and TripAdvisor pages, respond to messages from potential customers, share attractions to see and activities to do in your area, and share reviews from customers who came to your establishment. All these tricks can give you free exposure and may encourage potential guests to stay at your hotel, which could help you maximize your profits. Also, do not forget that email marketing remains the least expensive marketing option. It is definitely one of the best ways to build loyalty and to keep your guests informed of your latest news. Email marketing offers a much more interesting return on investment than other marketing media.

Revamp your menu

Quality over quantity is always preferable, even when it comes to food service. If you have a 20-course menu but only five of them are popular, consider reducing your menu. This will help you reduce the amount of food you need in inventory and, therefore, save money and maximize your profits. A good point-of-sale (POS) software will allow you to get statistics on the popularity of your dishes. You will then be better able to assess the most and least popular dishes. You can also see how much food is left on your customers’ plates. If you notice that plates are consistently coming back with leftovers, your portion sizes could likely be reduced reasonably while saving on the quantities to order. One study even showed that hotels save $7 for every dollar invested in programs to reduce kitchen waste.

Improve your energy efficiency

To reduce your expenses in the long term, you should pay particular attention to the energy efficiency of your establishment. Did you know that LED lighting lasts almost 10 times longer than halogen lighting? You could save a lot in the long term by simply using LED lighting. Besides, you could also cut major electricity costs by investing in motion lights, or air conditioning and heating systems that are triggered when a guest enters the room. Connected to your PMS, these energy management systems allow you to save on lighting and heating costs for your vacant rooms. Think about it, in doing so, you would only spend pay for the energy you need. Many energy certifications are also available to hotels. These certifications are a major differentiator between you and your competitors and are very important to consumers.

Avoid custom designs

A vast amount of expense can be avoided if you give up the idea of having a custom interior design. Many suppliers can offer you packages on items purchased in bulk. This option can really benefit your budget. Of course, it depends on your target customers. If you want to attract trendy customers, you can not skimp on the unique design of custom-made furniture. However, if your customers are mostly business travelers, be aware that they are more interested in the location of your hotel and the speed of your staff to check them in and out rather than the outstanding design of your hotel.

Host events

Consider using unused areas in your establishments for brief events. For example, you can organize fitness or cooking classes, or do a chair massage activity. These simple events can prompt your hotel guests to spend a little more money in your establishment than they had planned, allowing you to increase your income and maximize your profits. If you have the space to hold seminars, workshops, weddings, or whatever else may seem relevant or appropriate for your property, do not hesitate to do so. Collaborating with potential partners for these events will allow you to have a revenue source besides the guests staying at your hotel and drastically increase your revenues.

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