5 tips to maximize your property management software

Once the choice is made, a good property management software is usually one that remains with your establishment for many years. If you want to benefit from the full potential of your hotel PMS software, it is imperative that you maximize its use. The following 5 tips will help you simplify your operations and increase your income.

PMS Hotel Management System Software

1. Training: getting to know your PMS

When implementing or changing your hotel management system, proper training is key. As obvious as this may seem, it is important not to skimp on the number of training hours before launching your new software. The training sessions will help you review all of the features of your hotel PMS software, either by type of feature or by applicable position.

It is important that these courses be attended by a maximum number of employees. If only one person undertakes the training, he or she will be the only one who knows how to use the hotel management system and will have to pass on that information to all your other employees. In order to accelerate the adoption of the new software, everyone should follow the training that applies to them. In addition, an employee should be chosen as a reference person for all questions concerning the software, and they should participate in each and every one of the training sessions. Software providers now offer training in different forms. Whether in person, via videoconference, or online, training has never been easier.

The training modules contain all of the necessary technical information to know about your hotel PMS software, as well as tips and tricks for good management practices. The training modules are often given by hotel industry professionals who want to equip you to the fullest. You will then be able to perform better with your software and in your operations, overall.

2. Online help: a useful resource!

Some hotel management system such as Hotello offer, in addition to training, online help that is available at any time for the user. This online assistance provides additional help in sticky situations where an employee is left alone to serve a client, but cannot remember how to perform a particular operation. This is a lifesaving feature for all users of the software. Online help is available 24/7 and includes an explanation of the different functionalities of the hotel PMS software. Most of the time, answers to your questions are quicker to find through the online help than if you ask another employee for assistance or the technical support of your hotel management system provider.

By browsing through the online help, you can refresh your memory about certain procedures and even learn about new features of the hotel management system. You can then return to your operations and apply this new knowledge!

3. Knowledge by type of position

As we have learned above, all your employees should attend software training. Whether as a refresher or for an initial training, it is important that the learning of the hotel management system is done according to position type. This will facilitate the training of your staff, but will also allow you to gather internal documentation about the essential points to know about your software according to the functions of each position.

Of course, the training modules can teach you a lot, but each hotel establishment has its own ins and outs, its own business model, and its own management rules. The hotel PMS software adapts to all of these specificities, but implementation must be undertaken at the heart of the establishment. Therefore, it will be of interest to create documentation to explain how to integrate these specificities with each of the different positions.

New employee = Loss of efficiency?

The above becomes especially pertinent if an employee leaves your establishment. A new recruit can simply read the documentation relative to his or her position and, thus, engage with the software in the correct manner. It is important that each employee is aware of all of the tools available in the hotel management system. This will help with an effective execution of the position. Often, some of the features are not utilized because the person in the position does not even know that these features exist in the software. A situation like this can arise if the former employee who left the position did not take the time to properly inform the new recruit or if the recruit is unaware of the availability of certain functions.
The arrival of a new employee is often synonymous with short-term efficiency loss for the establishment. However, with an exhaustive list of the functionalities offered by the hotel software and clear indications for the user of how to use them, your establishment will maintain a steady rhythm.

4. The connectivity offered by the management software

The choice of hotel management system should not be made solely because of the features it offers. You should also consider the types of connectivity that the provider has developed in partnership with experts across the hotel industry. These various forms of connectivity can provide you with a whole host of possibilities that allow you to simplify your life by automating certain tasks. An exhaustive list of partners also indicates whether or not your provider is open to new connectivity options. In the event that the list is short, you may already think that your development demands have little chance of seeing the light of day. However, if you find that your current or potential provider has an extensive list of connections, you can be confident that the day you submit a request for a new connectivity, your request will more likely be fulfilled.

Your hotel PMS software provider should also notify you when new instances of connectivity have been developed and are ready for use. To this end, it is important that you are subscribed to your provider’s news in order to stay on top of fresh developments.

5. News and updates:

Change is not always welcomed with open arms in the workplace. Regardless, when it comes to updates or new versions of your hotel management system that become available, you should treat these developments as good news!

When your hotel management system gets a new look

New versions developed by your hotel PMS software provider are not made to cause you suffering! On the contrary, they are designed to make your tools perform more effectively and more in line with the latest trends in the industry. These new versions also tell you that your provider is not resting on its laurels, but is working hard to make things easier for you. In addition, these updates and the frequency with which they are offered indicate the dynamism of your provider. This is a key point for technology companies: those who think they have gotten ahead can quickly fall behind if developments are slow or non-existent.
When your provider announces an update, rejoice in the fact that new tools will help you and your employees complete your tasks!

PMS Hotel Management System Software