5 essential design elements for hotel sites

Tip 1: Invest in high-quality and recent photos

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Stunning photos of your hotel can really make for a great first impression with potential guests. You might be surprised at just how much an investment in high-quality photographs can really pay off.

Tip 2: Have a clear and concise call to action

Converting your website visitors into actual paying customers is essential. The best way to do this is to use a clear and concise call to action, typically in the form of a “Book Now” button. This will enable your future guests to easily check your hotel’s availability and begin the reservation process.

Tip 3: Highlight your contact information

Whether a phone number, a contact form or an address, it is very important that potential guests are able to quickly and easily find your contact information when visiting your website. It is also key that this information be accessible on your mobile site and optimized for smartphones. This way, future guests can call you with just one click!

Tip 4: Showcase your hotel’s amenities

Putting your hotel’s best features forward can really make it stand out from the competition. Make sure to present them in a way that truly captures the essence of what your hotel is all about.

Tip 5: Maintain a strong online presence

Using social media is an easy way to interact with your guests. These sites are a great place to answer your guests’ questions, address their concerns and respond to their comments—good or bad. Don’t forget to include links to your various social media profiles on your website so that guests can easily click and become members of your community. This will enable you to remain top-of-mind and build a long-term relationship with them.